Enjoy a new set of crime riddles and unusual personality test that are both fun and very informative! Your brain will appreciate these brain exercises as it will feel great after a nice workout, and will have new food for thoughts regarding your true personality:

00:14 – A hot personality test for the bravest ones only😜 Will you dare to know some unpleasant truth about yourself? If not, no one will blame you or even get to know about it😉 If you are ready for this, I would recommend you decide without overthinking the question and choose the girl that appeals to you most. It’s your subconscious that should decide here!
01:04 – This mystery riddle will make you sweat and crack your brain, because only ingenious minds can compare all the evidences and figure out who is lying. Actually, I haven’t met a person who could crack this riddle by themselves yet. Maybe you’ll be the first one?
02:14 – Instinctively, we reach for those we consider to be successful and try to take an example from them. Each of us has this abstract image of ‘success’ deep inside our subconscious which we project outside all the time. If you let your mind wander freely and choose an image with your heart, this test will show your strongest features that will definitely help you achieve your goals!
03:23 – This tricky riddle will gently warm up your brain and wake you up. It’s not an simple task to be a Mom or a Dad; kids often throw some puzzles your way. If you easily cracked this one, you’re either a parent or a true genius (yeah, all parents are a bit superhuman)!
04:31 – A man from your dreams is waiting for you (if you like girls, just imagine they’re girls😁), but be careful! Have you ever heard the expression, “Be careful what you wish for”? Each person has their dark side, are you ready to tolerate it? A thrilling personality test with answers to reveal the extraordinary secrets of your personality😱
05:26 – This short trivia quiz will change your whole view on confidentiality and information security! Before the answers are revealed one by one in the video, try to imagine how much information about you is saved in the Net. I bet you would never guess it!
06:52 – A provocative and seductive (no, actually just funny) test that will reveal your inner personality and temper! Just answer the questions without overthinking and you will know a lot about the way people see you. A funny test with answers to chill your brain and discover new things about yourself!
09:10 – Challenge your brain and logical thinking skills with this version of the classical murder riddle! She was rich. She’s been murdered. There are a lot of people in the house, but all of them have perfect alibis. Who is the killer? It’s a nice warm-up for your brain in the morning or a perfect way to chill out during lunch. So, who is the murderer? Think carefully. A cool crime riddle with answer to start your day with!
10:06 – A hard personality test that will reveal who you really are! I mean if you’re a purely materialistic thing or still have some conscience😁 So, take your choice and tell me what you would do (maybe I’m not the only one who would kill the granny?)!
11:34 – A blood-freezing crime riddle that will make the hairs on the back of your neck prickle at the sight😱 Are you smart enough to collect the evidences and crack this case before until the killer covers it up?
12:42 – A tricky riddle to wake you up in the morning and warm-up your brain before another working day😉 Try this set of fun riddles to make your brain work because we need to train it the same as we train our muscles. Will you solve them all?
13:39 – If you dare to answer this question honestly, it will reveal a lot about your inner world, so decide quickly😉Usually the answer that first came to your mind is the true one, so try not to overthink this task. Aaaaaand…let me know who you would like to date😉

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