These easy riddles and cool picture puzzles will test your vision and will challenge your logic! Surprisingly, kids do better and solve these riddles faster than adults:

00:14 – Guess the word – Cool brain teasers for kids.
These cool brain teasers and easy riddles will tingle your brain just a bit, but in general you have to be able to solve every single one of them! After a massive brain workout, it’s nice to have some simple brain exercises to cool down!
01:39 – Math puzzle to save your money in the future.
This math puzzle will test your ability to calculate right in order to gain maximum profit. This is a hard riddle, but you should not be a genius to be able to crack this, all you need is to turn on your basic math skills, do the simple calculation and choose the one salary that would give you more money.
02:22 – Brain game to blow your mind.
Challenge your brain with this mysterious Death Game only the bravest and smartest ones can stand! You have to come up with something really tricky and unexpected to make Death step back, don’t you? So, if you’re ready to put everything at risk, you can start the game! I hope your brain won’t be brought to a boil while racking it hard☠ A tricky riddle with answer to make your brain sharp!
03:33 – Logo quiz – Fun brain games.
This is an unusual logo quiz you will never see anywhere else, but here on 7-Second Riddles Channel! These fun brain games will test your creativity and ability to think outside the box and beyond ordinary things. This is a great brain exercise to activate your mind and imagination.
05:25 – Tricky riddle that tricks every person out there.
This is an easy riddle, but a very tricky one! Once you see the answer, you’ll be surprised how easy it was to answer it right and yet you’ll fail to find the answer 🙂 This tricky riddle is a great brain workout and a nice way to remind yourself that life gives you the answers, all you need to do is to keep your eye and ears open.
06:15 – Logic riddle to test your logic.
This a fun logic riddle that will test your logic and will break your head! Surprisingly, kids solve this logic puzzle right away, while adults struggle and fail to suggest anything more or less close to the right answer. If you solve this riddle before the answer is revealed, leave in the comments: “06:15 – A kid at heart”, if you failed: “06:15 – I’m an old soul!”
07:04 – Find the odd one out – Lego challenge – Boss level.
Nobody passes this hard level! Nobody can find the odd one out! Nobody, but you, right?! These picture puzzles are waiting for you (the first person out there) to crack them wide open and show them who is the Boss here 🙂
09:05 – Easy riddles – Find the mistakes.
Another set of tricky pictures to spin your mind around. Look at these picture puzzles, it seems nothing is wrong here, BUT that mistake is right there and you are looking at it! Turn on your minds and crack these easy riddles to prove that your brains are in perfect conditions!
10:42 – Riddles to test your vision!
How good is your vision? How fast is your brain? These cool riddles will answer these questions! If your brain speed is good enough and vision is clear enough, you will rock this short test!
12:28 – Fun brain teasers for kids and adults.
It’s time to challenge your mind and vision with a cool puzzle or better say visual test! Use it as a warm-up for your mind before a long hard day to gently wake up your brain and make it think! If you fail to solve the puzzle (the complexity increases from level to level), just relax and wait for the answers to be revealed.

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS whether these easy riddles were too easy for you or not. Did you find any riddles here you don’t agree with?

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