15 Mind Blowing IQ and Riddles For Kids With Answers

15 Mind Blowing IQ and Riddles For Kids With Answers. These 15 Mind Blowing IQ and Riddles are really blow your mind. As scientists have proven that human mind is so powerful, active, complex and accurate that it can study about itself, that means ‘human mind’. So use your brain as much as you can, play your mind as long as you can. The IQ and Riddles are the best thing to do brain exercise.

The more you use your mind, the more you play with it, the more you tease it, the more you force it, the more you drag it, it would be sharper, faster, powerful, accurate, active, quick and clever. Such sharpening tools should be used right from the childhood.

Varieties of materials beyond educational ones can make every child ready for future. Confronting different paradigms broadens our capacity and credibility.

EG Mines aims for the overall development of each and every child it encounters. We labor to find out your potentialities and strengths within you. We do not boast that we make you clever, we do not claim that we quench your thirst, but we dare to make you thirsty so that you use more and more of your mind, so that you discover your capability. In short, we are like a hone for mind that sharpens already shaped tools!

▶ 15 Brain itching IQ and Riddles With Answers

▶ Find Your Mental age

▶ How good are your eyes test !

▶ Dirty mind test

▶ Your Name is in this Puzzle


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