Do you like riddles? I just love them, especially when I’m bored or have nothing to do. A good riddle is a perfect time-killer. In addition to that, riddles and illusions help to develop imagination and logic. How amazing is that – education and fun that come together?

Solving our amazing riddles, you also improve your basic math skills because they require subtraction, multiplication, addition and division skills. So, it’s both entertaining and useful for your brain. In this video, there are not only puzzling riddles for kids and adults. Enjoy our 3D images and sculptures tutorials.

I’ve got a truckload of mesmerizing illusions and mind-blowing riddles for kids waiting for you to solve them. Are your brains ready for a riddle storm?

Let’s test your quick wits with these awesome riddles:

1) Classic, yet tricky, stick puzzle. You have to make 4 sticks out of 3 without breaking them. How’s that? Figure out! The answer will surprise you.

2) Guess, which water tank will be full first. It took me 5 seconds to decide. Will you be faster?

3) Move the matches and solve the tricky puzzles. There are plenty of interesting matches puzzles for you – dig in!

4) Guess what do different objects have in common. A teapot and a steamboat, a hurricane and a wheel, a pencil and a shoe. Do you already know the answer?

5) Find out, which hemisphere of your brain is more developed. The left one is responsible for logic and rationality, and the right one stands for creativity and intuition. Answer a few questions and decide on which side you are.

6)Behold the magic of age guessing using simple math! You’ll be surprised at the end, I bet!

Also you can learn to draw fantastic 3D pictures and make mind-blowing 3D paper sculptures. Don’t ask me how’s that possible! Just try to make it yourself and see what happens. Surprise all your friends and family with these awesome DIY crafts.

A lot of cool riddles are waiting for you in this video. Good luck on solving these cool riddles and enjoy the magic of the 3D crafts!
Solve them all and don’t forget to write your answers in the comments!


0:33 – Incredible 3D illusions
2:57 – Riddles for a smart child
5:09 – 4 matchstick puzzles
8:13 – Which hemisphere of your brain is more developed?


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