Confuse your brain by solving these tricky riddles! If you can solve 17 out of 17 correctly, then you probably have been solving riddles for quite a long time, didn’t you? 😉 Solving difficult brain games helps improve your logical skills and boosts your brain activity! Spend some time working out your brain, and you’ll be impressed by the results!

00:14 – My favorite trivia of all times! Which one is perfect to eat? I thought there is only one obvious answer (which is 7!), but turned out I was wrong. Please, TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which one is the best to eat, so next time I go shopping, I choose the right one! 😅
01:13 – A set of short tricky questions to wake up and warm up your brain in the early morning!
02:29 – A short math trick that will tease your brain! Take your time to answer correctly!
03:01 – A tricky puzzle for the best riddle solvers! Can you crack the code and find the right answer?
03:46 – If you can crack these visual puzzles you’re either a dirty-minded person or a plastic surgeon 😈 I’m definitely not a surgeon, so the only possible option for me is having a dirty mind! Well, let’s see what kind of person you are. What are your ideas?
05:16 – How many holes are in this shirt? A fun short puzzle game to see if you have enough logical skills to answer correctly!
06:31 – A portion of cool math tricks only the best puzzle solvers can crack! If you can answer right on time, then for sure you have a unique brain!
08:41 – Mmm, three hot girls enjoying their ice-cream this sunny day😉 But who is married among them? The one licking her ice-cream? Or biting it? Or probably sucking it? That’s a riddle to blow up your mind, my friend! What do you think? A tough visual puzzle for the most attentive ones!
10:10 – Which teapot has more tea? Can you answer correctly without thinking for too long? Let’s see how your logic works!
10:55 – A provocative picture puzzle for the smartest solvers! This brain exercise will make you think outside the box and train your sense of humor😜 Do you have any ideas?

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS what do you think about the last picture puzzle and what’s your answer to it?

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