Get ready for a nice brain workout with these tricky riddles that will train your brain. Scientists and researchers have proved that solving hard riddles and brain teasers can increase your IQ level and train your brain.

After each riddle, you will have time to think and if you need more time, just pause the video. And if you crack at least one brilliant mystery riddle, hit the like button!

00:14 – Picture puzzles to kick start your brain and activate your thinking process.
02:21 – What is the most expensive thin in the world? Cool trivia that will WOW your brain and enrich your general knowledge base.
04:02 – Easy magic trick to blow your mind! Fun card tricks for kids.
04:32 – How many faces do you see? Where is the missing face? Cool optical illusion that will scratch your brain and crush your eyes! You won’t believe what you are seeing and will pause the video to figure out what is happening in this cool riddle! Amazingly easy tricks to learn and impress your friends around 🙂
05:34 – A set of tricky text riddles and fun quiz questions to test your logic and ability to think outside the box.
07:47 – Cool trivia questions for kids and adults! What if it was replaced? How would our planet look like? Awesome trivia question illustrated in the best possible way for adults and kids to turn on their imagination and think outside the box! This cool riddle will feed your creativity and give pleasure to those who are crazy about science!
08:52 – If your friend trapped and fall victim to a malicious speel, wouldn’t you rack your brain hard to have him or her? Mary thinks the same way and now she’s trying to save Ann by solving the riddle. She has only one chance to do this and needs your help badly! You should turn on your brilliant logic and find the way out before poor Ann becomes a tree forever. A hard riddle with answer for the smartest ones!
10:17 – A short and simple personality test that will reveal all the truth about you without lots of boring questions! You need just to pick the girl that appeals to you most and wait for the answer. The point is that we make this choice with our heart and subconscious, not with logic. That’s why it allows psychologist to find out some common features of character that people possess. Well, I would definitely choose C😜
11:20 – An intriguing trivia just in time for breakfast! Which one would you choose today? Tell me in the comments which number you prefer😋
12:30 – This tricky riddle with answer would seem easier for the mathematically-minded people and for those who’s used to relying on their common sense. So what do you think? Please don’t say ‘he should go on the ferry’; that won’t work😜 Challenge your logic skills with this tough riddle and be ready to rack your brain hard!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS how many of these tricky riddles you managed to crack on your own.

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