3 Popular Riddles that will trick your mind

A King had 2 sons.
He was living his last breaths and wanted to distribute property among both sons.

Each son wanted a larger portion so the king organized a race.

Watch the Video to understand who win the race and who became the king.

Video Animation by – Ankit Singh

Voice by – Logical Baniya

For more puzzles – http://puzzlebot.org/


Fahad Hameed

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3 thoughts on “3 Popular Riddles that will trick your mind

  • September 22, 2017 at 12:16 am

    What if I asked 2 questions to the man which was standing at black cactus?
    First question is where is the city of truth.Then ask random question.
    If he answer for second question, he is talking lies.If he doesn't , he is talking truth.because he said he will answer only one question.
    According to the response to 2nd question, determine the honesty of his first answer.


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