3 RIDDLES Popular On Murder Mystery Crime (part 5)| Who Did It? Riddles Popular in United State

3 RIDDLES Popular On Murder Mystery Crime (part 5)| Who Did It? Riddles Popular in United State
Three riddles:
1. Loyal wife
Detective jason Bourne was called for the investigation of the murder of Mr. Mark Waugh.
Mark Waugh was murdered at his one storey bungalow
Detective Bourne received a call from Mr. Mark Waugh’s wife, Tracy, and she requested him to come at the scene of crime.
She gave him the address and explained him the route so that detective Bourne does not face any difficulty.
Detective Jason Bourne drove his car, parked it on the street and walked up to the bungalow
Tracy opened the door and invited detective Bourne to drawing room.
Just when they were in the drawing room, detective Bourne heard some noise upstairs.
Tracy immediately said:
Don’t worry, it must be the maid cleaning the room on the first floor.
Detective Bourne thought for a moment and realized that he had walked into a trap.
What was detective Bourne thinking?
Note: The clue is at the begining, you may relay the riddle and decipher the clue.
Answer: Detective Jason Bourne realized that Tracy is lying when he heard her say that maid is working upstairs….
Hearing this make him remember that the report said that Mark Waugh was mysteriously murdered at his one storey bungalow…
He then realized that this was not Mark Waugh’s home but a trap.
2. Mysterious beggar
People were mysteriously getting vanished near central mall bus stand.
Detective Roy was assigned the case to investigate and catch the serial killer.
One day, after having a banana as usual for breakfast, detective Roy stood at the bus stop waiting for a bus.
A beggar came from nowhere and started mumbling at
As a fat man passed by, he muttered, “pig.”
When a tall smart man, wearing formals walked past, the beggar said, “Human.”
While detective Roy was disturbed at the first comment he did not mind the second comments as obviously the smart man was human.
Thereafter the bus arrived, and detective Roy left.
The next day, it was the same with the begger calling people different names.
Detective Roy took the bus a gain but could not stop thinking about the beggar.
For next few days detective Roy observed his odd behavior and looked for clues. The beggar would people cake, salad, coffee, rabbit, lobster, and other strange things.
One day, when detective Roy was standing besides the begger, he could hear im utter, “Banana”
Suddenly, detective Roy understood the beggar’s unique ability and believed that he had rearly solved the case.
What was the beggar’s unique ability, and why was detective Roy confident to have nearly solved the case?

Answer: The beggar was endowed with a gift to tell what a person has eaten last.
At the start it was mentione that detective Roy used to have banana for a breakfast every day and at the end beggar muttered “banana” for detective Roy.
Detetive Roy was confident that he has nearly solved the case because he recalled the beggar saying “Human” to somebody, thereby implying that, the particular person was a cannibal and was the reason bedind people mysteriously getting vanished.
3. Serial killer
A lady serial killer always plays a game with her victims
She gives her latest victim, aguy, two bottles with pills in them and says:
Inside one bottle are pills containing poison that instantly kills when swallowed and inside the other bottle are pills which are harmless.
You have to choose one pill from any of these bottles, which you must swallow. There are two glasses of water to help in swallowing.
Now the rule of game is that the serial killer would swallow the other pill which the victim doesn’t choose.
It could be the pill containing poison or a harmless pill.
The victim chooses a pill and both swallow their pills respectively.
However, once again the victim dies and the serial killer survices.
This is the serial killers eighteen kill.
Why is she lucky so many times?
Answer: Actually none of the pills contain poison but poison is in the victim’s glass of water.
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