5 Signs She Wants You – Be Tempting and Find Out If She Just Can’t Resist You

Every girl desires for a guy in her life —that’s something undeniable. And there’s a great possibility that she might already be sending you signs she wants you right this very instant. In this matter, it’s very important that you know how to read her body language — it’s much more powerful than her mere words. Women have the tendency to say something, but actually mean another — it keeps life interesting. So before you ponder on the riddles and mystery about the female species, below are just a few signals that she’s already attracted to you:

  • She keeps staring. Eye contact is one evident female body language that screams attraction all over it — the more she stares and the more she keeps eye contact with you, the bigger the sexual tension is. The eyes never lie and it can express different kinds of emotions in just one look. So stare right back — you’ll be all over each other in no time.
  • She’s a bit playful.She makes you laugh and she laughs the loudest on your jokes — no matter how corny they are. She can get pretty teasing as well or may try to reach out to touch you. Being playful around you means she’s actually feeing high and lighthearted — it’s also a big sign she already wants you.
  • She’s wants your attention.She may talk way loudly or whisper to your ear — she may get a little drama or make a little commotion — anything to keep your attention. Most girls will go out of their comfort zones just to impress the guy the like — that why observe if she’s a bit too jumpy or making lots of gestures.
  • She can get naughty. She may try to give you hidden meanings or she may invite you to read between the lines — being a tease is one way for a woman to flirt her way to your heart so when she starts to get a little too naughty and witty with you, expect that she’s trying to win your approval.
  • She initiates intimacy. She get physical — and she’s not afraid to do the first move. It may just be a tap on the shoulder or a little light punching for you but she is definitely initiating intimacy with you right now. Touching is a form of intimacy that’s why you better get ready when she starts to do that — she may be waiting for you to do the next move.

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