8 Logic Puzzles and Brain Teasers to Stretch Your Mind | Logical Riddles

Get ready for a new portion of mind blowing riddles to solve which you’ll need to apply your logic.If youre true genius.you’ll easily solve these picture riddles, logic puzzles, trivia,fun riddles, odd one out puzzles.
The last tricky riddles is only for the smartest people ! TELL YOUR ANSWER IN THE COMMENT BOX to the last brain teaser and also tell us how many of these you managed to answer right:)
After each riddles you’ll 15 seconds to find a solution.However if you need more time don’t be to shy ,simply pause the video.

Your task is..
1.Find the Hidden Number – Vision Test – Picture Puzzles
2.Find The Mistake – Pictures puzzles
3.Calculate The Number of Hands- pictures puzzles
4.Funny riddles – Brain teaser
5.Psychological Test – Who Will Die?

TELL ME IN THE COMMENT your answer to the thumbnail riddle(Why did she look behind?)it’s so obvious ,I’m sure you’ll crack it.
Send me your RIDDLES..
[email protected]

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