These mystery riddles and short detective stories will definitely help you boost your brain and your IQ:

00:14 – Mystery riddle.
This room is a death trap, but don’t worry, my friend, there is still a way out (and not only one)! This difficult riddle will stretch your brain while you are trying to find the answer and avoid the miserable fate. Turn on your logic and try to find all the possible solutions! This mystery riddle can be easily solved if you open your eyes and minds wide open, because the answer is right there in front of you, just go and grab it 😉
01:57 – Who is the killer? – Detective riddle.
A detective riddle that will make you put on your detective’s coat! The detective will take you to the crime scene, will give you all the information you need to know and will give you a chance to lead the investigation! Look carefully at all the evidence and turn on your deduction skills! I know you’ll crack it right away!
03:52 – Logic riddle.
Detective, your friend is in great danger and you’re the only one who can save her! Can you crack this hard riddle the mad scientist prepared for you and find the girl before it’s too late? You will need all your logic and thinking skills, because this riddle will blow your mind away. But I know you can do it (just pause the video if you need more time).
05:25 – Short riddle on escape – Logic puzzle.
Like in a fairy tale you have three choices, except that here your choice might cost you your life, so be careful! This short riddle on escape can be cracked in seconds (that’s right, in seconds!), but only if you listen carefully and process information well. All you need is your logic, because the clue is right there!
06:54 – Hard riddle with answer.
Oh, Alice’s life on the line! The Red Queen gave her a hard riddle and any mistake will cost her the head. But she obviously knows how to outsmart the Queen! Can you find the answer while the clock is ticking? You should turn on your imagination and really think outside the box to solve this mystery riddle! But no worries if you fail, just sit back and wait for the answer to appeared as I did😜
08:44 – Where is the criminal? – Picture riddle to test your logic.
Amazing picture riddle to test your logic once again! Look at the picture, where is the prisoner hiding? The clue (a massive one) is right there in front of your eyes, just spot it and find the criminal!
09:43 – Can you crack the code? – Popular riddle on escape.
Detective, your best friend is in deep need of your help! He got into troubles again! Check all the things you see in front of you, turn on your logic and try to solve this logic puzzle to save your dear friend! This popular riddle on escape is quite easy, but it drives people insane! Is your brain a match for this tricky riddle?
11:11 – Short riddle – Mystery riddle.
Oh no, little Mary is in big trouble! Can you crack this short riddle of the malicious kidnapper and find the only door leading to freedom? You’ve got some time, but not too much, so you will have to turn on your brain and use all your deduction skills to solve the riddle before it’s too late.

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which one of these 8 mystery riddles you managed to solve!

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