An Inquisitive Mind Is Crucial To Not Having Arguments

The way to not have arguments is to take the attitude when there is a disagreement, that the other person is right, and, you just do not understand why they have their attitude or opinion.

Through an inquisitive mind, you question to find the answer as to why they think the way they do, which is different than the way you think, hence the disagreement.

By understanding what is behind their thoughts, you will be able to discover who is truly right or wrong, or what the truth is, given you are both probably at least a bit wrong. You may discover the harmonious resolution, called the compromise, for the middle ground between the two differing opinions.

It takes an inquisitive mind that wants to learn. For example, if you have a machine that is broken, you have to be inquisitive to understand how it works in order to fix it. Such is the same situation when you have a disagreement, or argument, because the situation, which means the topic of discussion, is broken, and now we have to understand how that situation functions, what is its point and what is behind it. Then you can find out how and why it broke. The broken parts are the two people whose disagreement is the machine.

When we understand what really is the main core reality of the topic in discussion, which could be why there is a disagreement because there may be some misunderstanding of what is actually being discussed, in finding that, you can find out where each part has gone wrong in misunderstanding of the topic, and then understanding each part through inquisitive questioning and curiosity, it is much more likely that a harmonious solution to all parties will be discovered.

Machines and problems do not think, but they get created or fixed with even one inquisitive mind. Do not demand that anyone else take the inquisitive position of assuming the other is right. It only takes one side to turn an argument into a productive discussion.

Always bear in mind that words spoken are merely sounds. You can respond like an animal to the tone and manner, or you can respond like a human with intellect and consider that a person in pain may be yelling in pain even though the emotion is not attacking to you.

Find out the meaning behind the words and expressions and your mind will begin to develop intuitional capacities.

Source by David Samuel

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