Batman: Arkham City – Riddles – Park Row

Batman: Arkham City Riddler Challenges Walkthrough Video in High Definition


All solutions for the Riddles in Park Row

0:03 – Riddle #1: This question can only be answered from an unusual perspective. Can you get yourself there?
0:39 – Riddle #2: DA campaign special: Get two votes, for the price of one.
1:12 – Riddle #3: BANG! BANG! Order in the court.
1:45 – Riddle #4: Who’s crazy enough to date this guy?
2:27 – Riddle #5: It’s far from PURRFECT, but she calls it home.
3:04 – Riddle #6: You’ve been warned. People aren’t the only unstable part of this city.
3:43 – Riddle #7: If you find the name, does the Cash come hand in hand?
4:30 – Riddle #8: This den is where the vicious animals take your treasure. Is it theft, if it’s already stolen?
5:03 – Riddle #9: Has this flower turned over a new leaf?
5:33 – Riddle #10: I wonder how you can land an appointment with this milliner? Perhaps it would be best to book?
6:34 – Riddle #11: Do you have Strange thoughts? Maybe you should seek help?
7:22 – Riddle #12: I am an actor who can transform a film with the final cut. Who am I?
8:17 – Riddle #13: Six legs went in and only two came out. Where am I?
8:56 – Riddle #14: Acing this chemistry test will illuminate you.

Batsuit Skin: Batman Beyond Batman


Related Achievements Trophies:
– Perfect Knight – Day 2


Game available on: Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360 & PC
Video recorded on: PC


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