Christian Bachelorette Party Ideas

Sometimes bachelorette parties have a reputation for being wild and crazy events filled with drunken women and bad behavior. However, this is just a stereotype. There’s only one requirement for bachelorette parties and that is to have fun. This article is meant to provide some Christian bachelorette party ideas.

There are many great ideas for Christian bachelorette parties, ideas that have nothing to do with alcohol or debauchery. The whole point of a bachelorette party is for the bride to be to get together and spend some time with her friends before she becomes married.

One idea you might want to consider is a scavenger hunt. A scavenger hunt is a game where people are given a list of things to find or places to find and the person who accomplishes the most items on the list wins. If you are getting married in the town where you grew up you can do a places scavenger hunt. Divide your guests into teams to find places that have great meaning to you – the church where you were Baptized, the high school you attended, the restaurant where you and your husband to be had your first date, and the house where you grew up are all ideas to include on your scavenger hunt checklist.

If you are not getting married in the town where you grew up, or there are too many people who are unfamiliar with the town then you can do a scavenger hunt based on where you are going to honeymoon. Create a list of things to find that you would need to bring on your honeymoon, but give it to the guests in a riddle or question form. For example: Without me the bride and groom will be seeing red. This would be a riddle for sunscreen. Have the guests snap pictures of each item with their digital camera or cell phone camera to prove you found each item on the list.

Another Christian bachelorette party idea would be to have a pajama party with your closest girlfriends. Have everyone bring the snack they used to love eating at pajama parties when they were growing up. You can rent your favorite chick flicks to play for the evening (my favorites include “Beaches” with Bette Midler or “Steel Magnolias” with Julia Roberts) or have a supply of board games to play.

Do you enjoy playing cards? A card party can be another bachelorette party idea to try. All you need are the playing cards and supplies for the game (like a pen and paper if you need to keep score), some snack foods and some drinks and you are all set to go. Any kind of card game is fine, be it Gin Rummy, Euchre, or even Go Fish!

Finally, why not just meet your friends for dinner at your favorite restaurant? It’s a great way for everyone to kick back and relax before the wedding – something the bride to be will definitely appreciate after all the stress of wedding planning.

Bachelorette parties do not need to be synonymous with wild and drunken behavior. There are many Christian bachelorette party ideas to consider. Hopefully this article will give you a starting point for planning your own party.

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