Clark – Body Riddle

Body Riddle is an album by electronic musician Clark, released on October 2, 2006 on the Warp Records.

Track listing

1.”Herr Bar” 0:00
2.”Frau Wav” 3:54
3.”Springtime Epigram” 8:07
4.”Herzog” 9:43
5.”Ted” 14:06
6.”Roulette Thrift Run” 17:00
7.”Vengeance Drools” 20:22
8.”Dew on the Mouth” 24:06
9.”Matthew Unburdened” 25:11
10.”Night Knuckles” 30:51
11.”The Autumnal Crush” 34:41
12.”Observe Harvest” (Japanese bonus track) 41:59


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