Countering Overthinking: A Step Towards an Improved Life

So let’s say you’re hanging about at a gathering, surrounded by colleagues and clients, and you happen to have spotted someone you really want to talk to. Maybe its business related or you just want to build up personal ties. Whatever way it is, you prepare a mental draft of what to say, as one does, and intend to go meet them but a tingling fear in the back of your head stops you in your tracks. What if they don’t want to converse with you? What if the particular line of conversation doesn’t work out? Or even goes horribly wrong? Your fear creates a sort of domino effect, and you begin to think of the worst that could happen as the inevitable. With each thought you are pulled deeper into the tangled mess of confusion inside your mind, and this, ultimately, renders you unable to even talk anymore. You then watch as another person engages in a conversation with the subject: an opportunity lost.

Overthinking and the consequent restlessness and anxiety, while proves to be a huge deterrent in one’s social and personal life, is also surprisingly common and for every person who is a victim to it, becomes the cause for opportunities lost and moments that one would later regret. But with a few daily practices and a determined attitude, it can be overcome easily.


The first step towards dealing with excessive overthinking and anxiety is accepting the problem in the first place. Only after this would you be able to go ahead and solve it. But while knowing that you are a remunerator is important, it is also vital that you realize that you are not alone in the situation, and that there is no reason to panic. Overthinking is a normal thing among a lot of people today, and you would be able to overcome it with a positive attitude.

The best moment is the present moment

The best thing you can do about overthinking is obviously to stay with the present. Your brain can’t think of faraway matters if it’s busy where it should be-with the flow. You also learn to appreciate your surroundings, and being in the present completely improves your performance on any kind of task significantly. And although it is much easier said than done, there are a few methods which you can exercise daily to minimize the cycle of negative thoughts to a great extent.

One good example is breathing. You’d be surprised at how much this helps. Just close your eyes and take deep breaths for a couple of minutes. Closely watching and taking deep breaths help to pull you in the current moment, and aids in clearing your head.

Another good example is meditating to practice mindfulness. The basic idea is to remain silent and simply focus on all that is around you closely, and this has worked wonders for a lot of people. Just once a day, just close your eyes and try to take in all your surroundings. Listen to your thoughts but do not ‘interact’ with them, and eventually you can try to turn down their ‘volume’.

In addition to that, slow down. Do everything you do with full awareness of you doing it. Try and narrate to yourself every step that you make, and force yourself to notice your surroundings. This will also help you to stay in the present moment.

Be confident

When full to the brim with self-esteem and feeling good about yourself, you build up a positive mind-set. You would find yourself to be less prone to overthinking, and so everything that you do or say turns out to be done better. One of the first things you can do is get busy. Form a plan of what to do for the day, and keep being productive. Doing things keep your mind from wandering off, and in addition to that, getting stuff done results in a great boost in confidence through a sense of accomplishment. You should also try and do something you’re really good at least once a day. Whether you’re an expert at playing an instrument or you possess extraordinarily talent for a video game, take some time off from your schedule and do it. It’ll be a great help.

Another life altering change you can make is to fake it. This might sound hard but this actually works great. Pretend that you’re a character you know, who is witty, smart and sure of themselves. Perhaps you know one from a television show, a movie or a book. Go ahead and deliver everything you say with confidence, even if you’re not sure of it, or you’re terrified. You’ll find that as you fake it more and more, eventually, you inherit that confidence in real life.

Let go

Trying to control all the outcomes of your life is undoubtedly the main cause for remuneration. Because when you do, you are also doomed to feverishly think of what to do in every moment of your life in fear of what could consequently happen next. The best thing you can do is to convince yourself not to. Realize that you have no say in what happens in your life, and this there is no reason to worry about it. The universe has your fate decided, so you should just make the most out of every moment. Try and realize this before anything you might be hesitating to do, and it’ll help you to stop overthinking and just do it.

Another thing you can do make specific time frames to make any decision. Whether it is to go and talk to someone, or bigger life choices which might be forcing you to overthinking. Take a minute for the little ones and a few days for the larger ones in life at the most. This would push you to assess a decision rationally and research to make the best choice possible. Once you do make a decision, steel yourself and just do it. It might be frightening but you’ll find it rewarding at the end.

At the end of the day, the most important bit to realize is that we all hold the potential to achieve everything we have dreamed of, and the only thing we have to do is to steel ourselves and remove our deterrents. And that makes all the difference.

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