Forgiving Your Cheating Husband – Secrets to Success When Forgiving Your Husband for Cheating

Forgiving your cheating husband is a big deal. It’s something that many women in your situation struggle with mightily. Some just aren’t able to do it. The betrayal is just too large for them to handle.

I bet you’re wondering if that is the case then why am I here – or something along those lines. The thing is, if you’re here, you already have the most important factor in place. You really WANT to get busy forgiving your cheating husband.

Most women are only playing the idea of forgiving their husbands for cheating lip service and that is why they never fully manage to do it. They may prolong their marriage for a while but if they don’t forgive and work on moving forward, that is only a temporary fix.

If you keep these secrets to success in mind for forgiving your husband for cheating, you’ll enjoy lasting success and have your marriage back on track before you know it.

  1. Learn to eat an elephant. Say what? How do you eat an elephant? It’s HUGE right? It’s too big to eat in one bite. So, how do you eat one? You eat an elephant one bite at a time. Every kindergartner knows the answer to this riddle and it’s one of those things that most adults have forgotten. But it’s so IMPORTANT to remember at times like this. You don’t start forgiving your cheating husband for cheating. You start forgiving him for the little details, missteps, and general annoyances. You chip away at the huge elephant and turn it into bite size pieces that are much easier (and more palatable) to forgive.
  2. You learn to ask for his forgiveness too. Forgiveness is a two-way street in order to be truly effective. While you didn’t cheat there is no one who is perfect in any marriage. You need forgiveness from him as much as he does from you. Ask him for it. He’ll be surprised and so might you.
  3. Start by forgiving yourself. Guilt can be a much greater burden than most of us realize. Most women blame themselves to some degree when their husband’s cheat. You have to begin forgiving the person in the mirror before you can learn to accept forgiveness from any other source. After you forgive yourself you’ll find that it is so much easier than you ever thought it would be to forgive other people – even when those other people are husbands who have cheated on you.

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