Fun Creative Ways to Ask a Girl Out – How to Make Her Say Yes to You Without Second Thoughts

Knowing which best way to ask a girl out is all about style. Most guys would agree that asking a girl out is a creepy thing to imagine — what more if you’re actually doing it? Relax. Although thinking of attracting girls is enough to send you sweating like a pig, there are actually effective techniques out there to show you creative ways to ask a girl out without much stress. Here they are:

  • Know how to surprise her. Nothing beats being spontaneous and natural… and surprising! Don’t shock her though, there’s a great chance she’ll reject you. If you’re in bar with her, ask her in a group date, and there’s a band playing, volunteer to jam and then dedicate a song for her. After the song, ask her out — right there on the microphone! Let’s see if that doesn’t make her blush. As what I told you, it’s all about the style.
  • Love notes. If you’re feeling a bit like a genius today, you can do riddle, hope she’ll be able to solve it (or offer to solve it anyway) and make her say yes! Leave it somewhere where she can easily find it. Be sure to make it short and simple but witty. Always make things fun and laidback. It’s going to make her less pressured.
  • Be smart and witty. Pick-up lines are overrated so it’s better to be honest way from the start. Though “You’re so pretty. Can I take you out on a date?” can backfire, try to add more twists and twirls on your conversation to make her realize you’re a fun-loving, free-spirited kind of guy. Girls love guys who are sincere and they can absolutely detect that in your words!

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