A set of funny riddles, cool brain teasers, trivia and general knowledge questions to test your intelligence and make you think differently:

00:14 – Short quiz – Easy quiz questions
This short quiz will spin your mind around and make you doubt everything that you think you know well! I failed every single one, because I started to panic and question myself😩 So focus your mind and don’t let your doubts distract you. TELL me IN THE COMMENTS how many of them you answered! I failed 4 of these quiz questions!
02:32 – Cool trivia quiz – General knowledge test
This trivia quiz completely blows apart our usual understanding of what a normal breakfast should be. Will you get all the questions og this general knowledge test right? To be honest, I failed this quiz and now I’m totally baffled 😣
04:42 – Funny riddles – Tricky riddles
These tricky riddles will make you scratch your brain, which is good, because your brain is going to get a nice workout! The quiz questions are actually easy, but most of us are not capable to crack these easy riddles due to our habits of over thinking everything around. Just relax your mind and let the answer fly right into your brain 😆
06:48 – Fun quiz
Challenge yourself with this fun spelling quiz and be careful, because your brain will try to play a trick on you! I was completely sure I knew how to spell these words before I tried this test😀 Let’s see if it’s easy to deceive you!
09:17 – Hard riddle and math tests!
You think these math tests are for primary school, huh? I’d say you will need to calculate REALLY FAST to keep up! I can’t wait to see how many levels you will get (as I got only 2😌). Train your brain with this cool test with answers and brag about your score with your friends!
11:37 – Trivia quiz
A mind-blowing trivia quiz that will take you to the farthest planets and back to Earth again! Sit back and chill your brain a couple of minutes enjoying this cosmic quiz.

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which one of these funny riddles, trivia questions and general knowledge tests you managed to crack without any difficulties!

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