Hats, Riddles, Rocks, Maud | MLP Comics Dub

Featuring my sister Fuzzy (Desi) voicing Maud!

Hope everpony’s holiday has been doing great and jolly. Unfortunately due to heavy schedules I wasn’t able to create another “Santa Pinkie visits Omegle” segment like I did last Christmas. I wanted my sister Desi to join me in the Omegle adventure! So instead, we give you these small comic dubs we both had a laugh in quickly dubbing! It’s short and simple but adorbs!

All these comics were drawn by FouDubulbe. Please support his work by checking out his Deviantart!

Comic strips in order of appearance:

“The Hat” –
“Riddles” –
“Maud’s Joke” –
“Duel” –
“Fossie” –


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