How well and fast can you think and process information in a dangerous situation? These cool riddles will test your critical thinking, analytical minds and ability to process information fast and well:

00:14 – Survival quiz.
A short survival quiz or visual test for you to test your skills! I hope you will never need this in your life, but it’s still a good idea to learn (or recall) some basic survival skills. Anyway, these are quiz questions with answers, so you can check if you were right😉
01:34 – Trivia quiz.
This super useful trivia quiz will show if you’re attentive to the ordinary things you use every day. We pay with our credit card here and there without even thinking about how safe it is. Would you be able to figure out if it’s a real skimmer in front of you or a fake one which will steal your money? If you have any doubts, this quiz is meant for you!
03:05 – Cool riddles to test your general knowledge and critical thinking.
This set of cool riddles is created by life itself. It will test how quickly you can think in a dangerous situation and if you can find creative ways out of troubles. To solve these puzzles, you will need to think outside the box. Even if a situation seems to be critical and you are in deadlock, there is always at least one solution. Useful puzzles to train your brain (and muscles) and teach you essential life hacks!
05:40 – Mystery riddles to test your logic and ability to think fast.
Your friend is in great danger and you’re the only one who can save her! Can you crack the tough riddle the mad scientist prepared for you and find the girl before it’s too late? You will need all your logic and thinking skills, because this riddle will blow your mind away. But I know you can do it (just pause the video if you need more time).
07:12 – Short riddles
These short riddles with answers will show if you’re ready to come across a situation and get out alive! You have two options, which one would you choose? To crack this puzzle, just turn on your brain and use your logic, but don’t forget about your survival instincts!
08:47 – Tricky riddle to test your analytical mind.
The Queen gave you a hard riddle and any mistake will cost you the head. But you obviously knows how to outsmart the Queen! Can you find the answer while the clock is ticking? You should turn on your imagination and really think outside the box to solve this mystery riddle! But no worries if you fail, just sit back and wait for the answer to appear as I did😜
10:35 – Logic puzzle to test your brain.
11:55 – Fun quiz.
How to act in emergency is still a riddle for many of us. There is a fun quiz for you to test how much you know about surviving! Concentrate and imagine the situation, then choose an option or just wait for the correct answer to be revealed. Don’t forget to show these short riddles with answers to your family members and friends to be sure they know how to survive too!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which one of these survival riddles you found to be the most useful for you!

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