Kayaking Around Menorca

Menorca is simply made for Kayaking with it’s stunning waters and coastlines, sea caves to explore, guided tours and of course warm turquoise seas and lots of sunshine. Menorca is fast developing into a major destination for Kayak fans who love to enjoy nature under a shining sun.

As an easy introduction for those who have never been in a Kayak there is couple of extra stable single or two seater kayaks to rent for an one hour or two on most resort beaches. For those unfamiliar with sea kayaks, they are made out of modern plastics, unsinkable with dry storage for clothes,water and other equipment so you can go on tour or just paddle around for a short while.

For the experienced Kayaker looking to make a holiday of it or take to the water for a couple of day trips or just a few hours there is a wealth of choices on offer. Hard core kayakers can circumnavigate the island (10 days in good conditions ) stopping overnight on the island’s trademark virgin beaches.

What attracts kayakers to Menorca is the scenery. Unlike many Mediterranean shores that have surrendered their coastlines to tourist developments, Menorca’s coastline remains largely untouched for many, many miles. Sea birds and marine life is abundant. A surprising amount of large birds of prey can often be seen hunting and make for a spectacular sight.

There is a flourishing and growing number of small friendly companies providing kayaking services, equipment hire, guided excursions / holidays and custom itineries.

The island is small but has very distinct coastlines north and south. The northern coast is more raw, features less sheltered coves to rest up in and is more exposed to open sea and northern winds so perhaps more challenging for kayakers, but very untouched and beautiful. The south is more sheltered and with an abundance of attractive high sided coves with pine fringed cliffs and an abundance of sea caves that riddle the softer stone of this coast.

Menorca is a great destination for kayakers in April and early may as the early summer sun means t-shirts, the waters are ‘cleaned’ after the winter and the light is just sublime without any of the haze of summer heat. The coastline will be in flower too. Accommodation is also very attractively priced too, as the beach season does not start until first week in May.

And don’t forget that waterproof camera to capture those views from the water!

Source by Graham Thompson

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