Riddle Scavenger Hunts

Are you looking for some ideas for good scavenger hunts at home? Well, around our house, there’s nothing like a good riddle scavenger hunt to break the monotony of a rainy, dreary day.

First of all, you’re going to want to get some note cards; sure, you can always open an application on your computer like Notepad or Word, but you’re probably not going to want to keep returning to the computer after every realized clue. You’re going to want to be more mobile than that!

Start writing down clues to the items on your list. But use riddles. If you’re stumped and are looking for a few riddle ideas, look no further.

One example of a riddle clue that I’ve used in the past is this: Assume the item in question is a couch. Here is the riddle: “Yes, you sit or lie down on me, but you are no slouch. You can even take off my cushions; goodness me, I’m a _____!”

See how it rhymes? Your riddles don’t have to rhyme to be good, but it can be more fun – especially for kids – if it DOES rhyme.

Maybe another clue you’ll want to use is this: “Lie down on me with your sleepy head. Put the covers on and relax on your _____!”

Bed, right? Right!

These are just a couple examples, and you may not even like them! But you get the idea: put a few riddles on the cards the next time you host a scavenger hunt, and the kids will be coming back for more!

Make You Own Scavenger Hunts!

Source by Paul A Buchanan

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