The Importance of Giving Space When Trying to Get Back Together With Your Ex Boyfriend

Do you feel like every time you try really hard to get your ex boyfriend back you only end up causing him to move further away from you? Does this situation sound all too familiar to you? Do you ask yourself every minute “What do I need to do to get my ex boyfriend back?” Take a close look at some great tips for increasing your chances of restoring your relationship with your ex boyfriend.

It is readily apparent that you are genuinely interested in finding out what you need to do to save or repair your relationship. If that were not the case, then you probably would not be reading this article. However, if you are all stressed out about the breakdown in your relationship and are constantly worrying about how to get your ex back, it is precisely this mental attitude that is naturally causing your ex to move further away from you. Based on human nature, it is perfectly normal for a man whose relationship with a woman has fallen apart to strongly resist being pushed around or told what to do. Trying to change human nature is a complete waste of time and it will only make a bad situation even worse.

Are you pestering your boyfriend by relentlessly calling your ex boyfriend on his mobile, texting or sending him emails, following him and waiting for him outside of his home or his classroom? Are you trying to make him have empathy for you? If you think that this approach is going to get you far, then you are mistaken. You have to stop doing these things. If you keep asking yourself, “What can I possibly do to get my ex boyfriend back?”, then you have got to change your behaviour and stop doing what isn’t working for you right now.

You are probably wondering right now, “what steps do I need to take to get my ex boyfriend back?” Instead of repeating your past mistakes, adopt the following approach.

You have to start over again. The first step you need to take is to stop all forms of communication with your ex boyfriend. Instead of draining all of your energy on trying to figure out what went wrong in your relationship with your ex, concentrate on doing those daily activities that bring you joy, fulfillment and happiness. This is going to be a painful period of adjustment. It is going to require that you exercise a considerable degree of willpower and perseverance in order to make sure that you don’t go back to your old habits.

During this period of transition, your ex is going to notice an abrupt change in the way they feel about you, because you are no longer desperately pursuing them. In the eyes of your ex, you are going to become somewhat of a riddle to him, because he is going to be curious about what you have been doing and what you have been feeling. This change in the dynamics of the relationship can actually benefit you. Now your ex is going to find himself in a brand new situation. He is going to start feeling lonely and he is going to start missing you. This is not going to happen if you continue to put pressure on your ex boyfriend, if don’t give him the freedom to figure out for himself what has happened to the relationship.

You must remember that in order for this approach to bring you positive results, you must act in a way that is in harmony with human nature, not in opposition to what comes naturally. If, after making many attempts to get your ex boyfriend back, you are still asking yourself the question, “how am I going to get my ex boyfriend back”, you have probably learned some important lessons along the way about what is not going work. When you start executing this action plan, you are going to be presented with a stellar opportunity to restore balance in your relationship with your ex. This plan is going to be a catalyst that makes your ex remember all the important reasons why he fell in love with you from the start of your relationship.

Just give yourself some time to be away from your ex. Focus on other matters that are important to you, like your family and close friends, and give your ex some space so that he has the time to analyse his relationship with you. Make him think about what you are feeling and what you are doing. He in turn will begin to deeply reflect on all the important reasons why he fell in love with you in the first place. Make him come to you, instead of the other way around. If you do this, it is going to work out in your favour. And then you won’t have to be faced once again with the question, “What do I need to do to get my ex boyfriend back?”

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