The Most DIFFICULT Riddle EVER! (2017)

This is the the most DIFFICULT riddle EVER! (2017)

Would you like a good challenge? If so, we certainly have one. In fact, it’s so though, that only 2% of the people that tried, actually succeeded to solve it.

Remember, this riddle is made by a Einstein.

If you have to, make notes, and sketch things to make it easier.

There are 5 houses on the same street, painted in different colors.
In each house lives a person of a different nationality.
Each house owner drinks a different kind of beverage, smokes a certain brand of cigar, and owns a different car.

Question: Who owns the Tesla?


– the Brit lives in the yellow house
– the Swede is the proud owner of a McLaren
– the Dane drinks tea
– the blue house is on the left of the white house
– the blue house’s owner drinks coffee
– the person who smokes Pall Mall drives a Ferrari
– the owner of the red house smokes Dunhill
– the man living in the center house drinks milk
– the Norwegian lives in the first house
– the man who smokes blends lives next to the one who owns a Lamborghini
– the man who drives a BMW lives next to the man who smokes Dunhill
– the owner who smokes BlueMaster drinks beer
– the American (is the answer) smokes Prince
– the Norwegian lives next to the green house
– the man who smokes blend has a neighbor who drinks water

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