These 16 Brain Teasers Will Activate Your Thinking Process

Activate your thinking process with these hard brain teasers! Some studies have shown that people who solve different riddles every day have a higher IQ score than others. Try to focus on solving these brain games and don’t let anything bother you. These tricky brain teasers and puzzles will not just warm up your brain but also exercise it nicely.

00:14 – A detective riddle that will blow your mind and make you think outside the box. Will you identify who of these three women are kidnappers and who is the mother? Be careful and use 200% of your logic and intuition as kidnappers use loads of tricks! Show this one to everybody who has children as it can help them protect their kids!
02:07 – This room is a death trap, but don’t worry, my friend, there is still a way out (and not only one)! This difficult riddle will stretch your brain while you are trying to find the answer and avoid the miserable fate. Turn on your logic and try to find all the possible solutions! This mystery riddle can be easily solved if you open your eyes and minds wide open, because the answer is right there in front of you, just go and grab it 😉
03:50 – A short fun teaser that will not just activate your brain but also give you a boost of energy!
04:52 – This fun personality test will reveal some hidden features of your character and show if you know yourself pretty well! You may consider it a joke or a little brainless fun, but your subconscious really influences your choice. So, try it yourself and then tell me in the comments if your description was right because mine was all true!
06:00 – A fun advertisement puzzle that will chill your brain and test your creative thinking skills. Only a person who thinks outside the box will crack this visual puzzle. Which one do you like most of all?
08:48 – An unusual and hard challenge for brilliant minds only! You need to find out which person is likely to survive and you can rely on your logic and common sense only. No hints are given and both situations seem totally hopeless. But if you look closer, you will find something different between them. But you have to be incredibly smart and observant indeed, are you just like this? If yes, this intriguing set of riddles is meant for you!
10:01 – Mind-blowing experiments that will wow your brain! We can’t say for sure if it truly took place or it’s just a legend, but still, you have a chance to try it and make your choice. Which one would you choose to survive? Take your time and think carefully as this is one of the toughest riddles in the world!
11:11 – A tricky visual puzzle only a person with a great sense of humor can crack😃 Are you attentive enough to find the only one key? A fun picture puzzle to chill your brain at midday!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which key would you choose to the last quiz’s answer?

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