Top Ten Clues for a Pirate Party Treasure Hunt

The pirate invitations have been sent, the costumes are adorned, the table is set and the countdown has begun.

Everyone loves a pirate party and no pirate party is complete without a treasure hunt for pirate loot! Begin by gathering the supplies you will need to produce the treasure hunt clue cards. Get some brown craft paper from your local stationary store and print the clue cards on your home computer. Have fun with the style of your font. The more pirate-y the better! Or for the eco-minded or less tech-savvy parent, you can cut clue cards from brown paper shopping bags and handwrite your clues. You can even burn the edges of the craft paper to create an old-timey look.

To write your clues, think of places around your home and yard that are your child’s favorite places to play or places they go to every day, like the refrigerator or the mailbox. Write a list of places and then have fun creating clues that rhyme. We’ve given our top ten treasure hunt clues below as a starting point for you.

On the day of the pirate treasure hunt, place each clue where it can be seen by the kids and have an adult or older kid that can read present at each stop to read the clue card and tell the kids where to go next. At location of the last treasure hunt clue, place a large treasure box filled with their favor bags full of loot!

To get you started, here are 10 treasure hunt clues to inspire you:

The hunt begins here!

find ye next clue,

where all mateys swim…

the pool!

Ye next treasure clue

has pulled into port.

ye pirates will find it…

on ye ol’ basketball court.

All pirates are warned,

watch out and beware

ye next clue is…

on a pirate’s red chair.

Ye smart pirates will find it

if ye are able

Right on top of…

the dining room table.

Ye next treasure clue

Is not in yer head

It is where you sleep…

Right under the bed.

Yer always lovin’

Ye pirate vittles

Look where they’re cooked…

Thar in the oven.

Ye pirates are clever

and smart like a fox,

find ye next clue…

at Captain Cole’s mailbox.

So far so good

ye pirates beware

find ye next clue…

outdoors on the stairs.

The sparklers ye pirates played with were hot

find ye next clue…

at “the sparkler spot.”

Ye pirates will jump

up and down with glee

find ye ol’ treasure chest…

under the big tree!

Now the birthday party captain and his/her party guests get to enjoy their pirate party booty!  Let them find their personalized birthday party favor bags  to avoid a mighty pirate skirmish. Then you can progress to the captain’s pirate party table for cake and ice cream.

Source by Amy Croushorn

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