Get ready to tested and challenged! These 12 hard riddles with answers will force your brain to wake up and think. If you can As all these riddles than you’re a genius from all sides:

00:14 – New riddle on escape that will test your logic and attentiveness.
01:18 – Who would you sacrifice? – Hard choice – Hard riddle.
02:28 – Mystery riddle.
You’re facing a hard choice that can save your life or ruin you, what door would you choose? Don’t panic, but neither hang around too long as the clock is already ticking for you. A tough riddle with answer to test your reaction and logical thinking!
03:38 – Crime riddle.
A terrifying crime riddle with answer to make you face your biggest fears! You should hold tight to your common sense and logic in order to not be driven mad. One of the doors is exactly safe and you have to figure out which one. I wish you good luck!
05:00 – Self-defense riddles – Survival tips.
A set of puzzles based on true life situations to test your survival skills and at the same time your logical thinking! It’s sad that there is still an urgent need to learn self-defense nowadays, but forewarned is forearmed. How many of the questions did you answer? I failed every single one, but I’ll keep learning! And who said only women need that?
07:35 – What would you do? – General knowledge quiz.
Amazing general knowledge quizzes to test your survival instincts! I’m sure you’ll fail most of these quiz questions as so many movies portray the answers wrong! So be wise, learn fast, one day it might come in handy!
09:47 – Riddles on escape – Hard riddle.
Let’s see if you can solve this hard riddle! The solution may seem obvious to you, but who can vouch for our neighbors? Would you take a chance and trust your companion or try to save yourself? The game’s on! A tricky riddle with answer that will make you sweat and rack your brains!
11:20 – Tricky riddle – Hardest choice ever.
This tricky riddle will make you take the most difficult decision in your life, and no one would take it instead of you, sorry. Would you choose to save your friends and yourself and sacrifice five innocent people, or be killed to save people you don’t even know? TELL me IN THE COMMENTS what your choice would be!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which one of these hard riddles was the easiest fro you? Did you manage to solve at least three of these brain teasers?

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