These 13 popular riddles on escape and crime, mystery riddles and logic brain teasers will challenge your mind! Only a few of us will be able to score 13/13:

00:14 – Tricky riddle – What would you choose?
This tricky riddle that will test your ability to process information quick and also will challenge your general knowledge.
01:44 – Crime riddle.
A tough crime riddle that will require all your logical skills! Can you figure out who the murderer was by analyzing their statements? I know it’s a hard task, but they are the only clues we have. Train your brain with a tricky murder riddle with answer!
03:06 – Hardest choice – Mystery riddle to test your logic.
Hey, friend, you’re facing the hardest choice in your life ever where a mistake would determine your life and death. If you crack this tough riddle of the malicious TV presenter, you will save yourself and the lives of your companions. If not, well…this is a riddle with answer and you don’t actually risk anything, but you have to admit it’s more fun😉
04:27 – Murder riddle.
A thrilling murder riddle only a psycho or genius can solve! Seriously, if you get it right, then you must have put yourself in the place of the murderer, right? Only a psycho or a cold rational thinker can do this! I hope you’re just incredibly smart, ha-ha…
06:27 – Cool teriddle.
This cool riddle is the hardest choice you’ve ever faced because the prize will be your own life! You have to decide really quickly as the clock is ticking, but keep in mind that a mistake would be fatal. Use your logic and pay attention to every small details, because there is a hint that can save your life! If you fail to crack the riddle, just relax and wait for the answer to be revealed😉
07:37 – Tricky riddle with answer to test your brain.
This tricky riddle will make you sweat and rack your brain as never before! Let’s see if you’re attentive enough to spot all important details and not be cheated by the clever offender🤔 A crime riddle with answer to keep your mind sharp!
08:53 – Fun brain teaser.
Well, friend, you trapped and now only your brilliant logic can save your life! Don’t let the villain paralyze your brain with fear. Think well and you will definitely find the solution to the riddle, because actually it’s quite obvious (no, I didn’t find it by myself, but I know the answer now)! Fun brain teaser to tease your brain and challenge your logical skills.
09:58 – Hard riddle – Brain teaser with answer.
Are you ready to test your survival instinct and try to find the answer to this hard riddle? At first glance, all four ways are leading to death, but an attentive one can find some small hints that will get them out safely. An exciting riddle to give new energy to your brain!
11:20 – Survival tips – Useful riddles and trivia quiz.
How to act in emergency is still a riddle for many of us. There is a fun quiz for you to test how much you know about surviving! Concentrate and imagine the situation, then choose an option or just wait for the correct answer to be revealed. Don’t forget to show these short riddles with answers to your family members and friends to be sure they know how to survive too!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS how many of these popular riddles on escape and crime you managed to crack on your own. I scored 6/13!

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