These tricky riddles and hard questions will push your brain out of its comfort zone, forcing you to think and make decisions. The skills to analyze the given information properly and in a matter of seconds is an essential skill in any work field. These cool brain teasers will train your brain to get it ready for any future problems you might encounter in your life:

00:14 – This is a touching story with a short riddle about the right choice, but can there even be the only one right choice? It’s a chance for you to make your own one and decide what’s really matters. What will be your choice? A hard riddle which you have to find your own answer to!
01:26 – The way we make choices can tell a lot about our personality and some hidden features of character. First of all, if you can choose between two difficult and unpleasant options (or too pleasant and desired ones), you can consider yourself a strong person, a fighter indeed. Next, each your choice can reveal a lot about you and it’s always useful to know it. Would you dare to take this personality test and reveal the hidden truth?
02:52 – Let’s test your eyes and logical thinking with this set of fun visual puzzles! Are you smart enough to find out what’s wrong on these pictures? If you can crack at least half of these cool riddles, you’re smarter than 80% of people in the world!
05:48 – Here you will have to test your logic and prove that you’re attentive and skillful enough to be a detective or a super agent! You will have to pass such a test if you decide to devote yourself to about coming to work at the FBI, so now you have a chance to train yourself. Here are three visual puzzles challenging you to find a potential perp. If you cope with at least 2 of the riddles, you have all chances to pass the FBI test!
07:04 – This short quiz will show how creative and original your way of thinking is, so try to be attentive and let your craziest ideas out! Which student seems to be the best one for you and why? Make your choice and wait for the answers to be revealed. A fun riddle with personality test to tease your brain!
08:08 – It’s always difficult to suspect the people you used to trust, but sometimes we have no choice. This is a detective riddle with answer to check if you’re a cold-minded and logical one. You have to decide between three employees who have been with you for a long time; one of them stole your money. Take your time and don’t let your emotions prevail over your common sense. Who could do it? Share your ideas in the comments!
09:27 – A short and simple personality test that will reveal all the truth about you without lots of boring questions! You need just to pick the girl that appeals to you most and wait for the answer. The point is that we make this choice with our heart and subconscious, not with logic. That’s why it allows psychologist to find out some common features of character that people posses. Well, I would definitely choose C😜
10:29 – These tough quiz questions will challenge not only your brain, but your courage as well. You will have to admit some unpleasant truth about yourself and can show that you aren’t so good as you used to think about yourself. Will you dare to press ‘play’?

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS your answers to the first riddle: Would you tell the police about the robbery? and your answers to the hard question in the thumbnail: Would you rather eat that burger or give it to the kid?

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