A Hobby I Have Cultivated Over The Years

I really love to read and write even at a very early age. I love to explore the unknown. Not that I am following the footsteps of a scientist but writing and reading are already in my veins ever since I had my first grade.

I even climbed our guava trees or our mango trees just to study and read and read and read! Even if there was no electricity in our place during that time; I was still able to study ’till midnight. Our deficiency never seemed to be a problem because it became my inspiration to strive for more and reach my goal. I was already earning even at a very early age due to my hobby. I loved to compose poems as well. Anything that came to mind, I put them into writing.

What I considered as a skill earned much. I had an obsession to study a lot because I came from a very poor family. I stayed in the library during recess time to read anything because I did not have money. I was not able to mingle with my classmates and friends because of financial constraints. So I spent most of my time in the library.

My passion in writing also gave me the opportunity me to become a writer. It opens a lot of windows for me. Despite the tough competition in the job market, I did not find it difficult to find a source of living because of my skills.

I did not realize that what I thought as just a hobby and past time during my teenage years would become my bread and butter today. Who would recognize that even if I am not employed but I am still earning much? My passion is a very high paying job. My skill is earning much than my degree. So I decided to nurture it more in order to reach its maximum potential.

By saying so, I mean that I still continue my studies up to now because I believe that learning is a continuous process. I am not yet satisfied with what I have right now because I still want to quest for more knowledge. Not that I am after of fame and prestige but I want to have the self-satisfaction that only me can do.

Thus, writing is the hobby that I cultivated for years and now I am earning the return of my investment.

Source by Rosemarie Sumalinog Gonzales

Fahad Hameed

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