Attraction to Distractions | Strong Inspirational Video in Hindi to Stay Focussed and Concentrated

Strong speech by IES Sagar Dodeja of Civil Beings. This video throws light on the time getting wasted in between two activities. That is transition lag. More light to be thrown in other upcoming videos on this concept.
If you want success in life, then this is the solution
If you want success in career, then this video is the solution
This is the best motivational inspirational video for professional, career, student life success
This is the video on studying effectively long hours with concentration without any distractions
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IES Sagar Dodeja is a well known name in the field of Engineering and an IES Officer and thousands of students have been guided under him after 2014. He gives professional free advice to all youngsters. Join me in the motive to uplift the country in the best way possible by uplifting the students.
Civil Beings is a YouTube channel which has enormously grown in a very short span of time due to the content and support provided by the channel in the form well thought of productive videos which is necessary for all studetns. In Civil Beings, we discuss major issued which are practically being faced by students nowadays and not the theoretical stuff.
This is the result of actual experiences with the students.
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