Autobiography of Caterpillar Equipments

Construction industries are full of many of the manufacturers and also are having aggressive and dynamic creators who have created some of the magical and innovative equipments. The qualitative approached equipments are having exclusive share in developing the economy at large as with the help of these machines and equipments, the construction industries and many more of the heavy industries are survived. One of t such creative and pioneer manufacturers of heavy equipments is Caterpillar Equipments. This is the name which is having widest reputation and popularity in the entire industries. They are the world leaders in construction equipments and mining equipments. Here in this article we have discussed some of the most featured features of this company which can help lot in the value addition of equipments for sale industries.

The Beginning

The beginning of this giant company was done in 1925. Within these phase of 85 years, the company has established themselves in such high profile modes that none of the competitors can stand beside them and can give tough fight to the Caterpillar Inc. The steam tractors and traction engines were the leading tools that were created by the founders initially. The name of Caterpillar was decided by the fact that when the first tractor was successfully driven in the Soggy Delta, it was moving like a caterpillar.

After the introduction of first ever machine production, the company made huge progress in the field of manufacturing the equipments. The Gun tractor was the next vehicle that got immense success in the time of World War I. By this time, the company laid foundation and reputation of being quality conscious manufacturers which gave those more of the business and inspiration to develop. The Holt tractors of Caterpillar were known as “one of the most important military vehicles of all the time”. Livery is

The Struggle

The struggling period was seen in the great depression that was seen in entire world after World War. Also the stiff competition from Fordson Company made the way more difficult. Even the Bank support shivered due to many reasons. But the company successfully came out from this struggling period and emerged more strongly in the leadership of Thomas Boxter. The Caterpillar Tractors were becoming highly popular in the industries and individuals. The product line of those days which gained huge momentum for the company were five track type tractors, the 2 Ton, 5 Ton, 10 Ton tractors, Caterpillar 30 and Caterpillar 60. The use of diesel engines instead of gasoline engines gave them unique break and the users were able to save lots of money of theirs.

The Acquisition

There are many of the factors that have contributed in the success of the company but one of the most featured and constant success providing features is Acquisition of many of the other companies. Due to these acquisitions, the company could spread the business to many of the countries and today as many as 44 countries are involved in the sales of Caterpillar equipments.

The production line

The Caterpillar equipments for sale are available in different forms. The leading names and tools that are produced are D series, Caterpillar 60, Pipe layers, Motor graders, Small, Medium and Large Excavators, Ultra-high Demolition Excavators, Tracked loaders, Wheel loaders, Articulated Dump trucks, Rigid Dump trucks and Rollers. The Yellow livery is the trademark of the company.

So, these are some of the highlighted features and brief introduction of the company. There are many of the other specialties of the company and we have here described some of the most important ones.

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