Baby Ultrasound Scrapbook Page Ideas

Before you even meet your new baby, why not start throwing around baby ultrasound scrapbook page ideas? The truth is that there are a lot of baby ultrasound scrapbook page ideas out there, and finding the right one will ensure you that you have a scrapbook that you will be sure to treasure. The first time you see your baby is in the ultrasound picture and when you want to capture that moment of sheer love and awe, there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

When you are thinking about designing your baby's ultrasound scrapbook, there are a number of different formats that you might choose. In most cases, you are going to be dealing with black and white pictures, so make sure that you keep that in mind. The color in the book will not be coming from the pictures, so consider bordering them with something bright and cheerful. Think about the themes of waiting in anticipation and how excited you are. This is what seeing the ultrasound is all about, so consider what your options are going to be.

When looking around for baby ultrasound scrapbook page ideas, consider making it into a combination scrapbook / diary. When kids are young, they love to know what their mothers are doing while they are out and about, and this is your chance to show your child what you were doing when they were still inside you! For instance, how did you get to the doctor's office, and what were you eating that day? What did your read and what was in the newspaper? You can make this a terrific archive for those memories.

Similarly, what about making the scrapbook look like a cool, futuristic viewing screen? You can paste in buttons at the bottom that are labeled things like "feed," "sing" and "love," and imagine that you are doing all that to your unborn baby. This is a wonderfully humorous way to set up your baby's ultrasound scrapbook, and you can bet that your family and the child in question will be amused.

Before we leave the top of scrapbooking for your baby's ultrasounds, consider the archival nature of the pictures that you use. For the most part, ultrasound pictures are not of an archival nature, and because of this, you have to take some care if you want to make sure that later generations will be able to see them. There are a few steps to take when you want to make sure that these precious photographs last:

1. Cover and protect

If you want to preserve the photographs themselves, make sure that they stay in a place that does not get any sun. Having a fancy envelope that is pasted into the scrapbook itself is one way to do this.

2. Scan the photograph

Scan the photograph at at least 300 dpi and save it to your computer or on to a CD. Then you can print it out on archival paper.

There are lots of great baby ultrasound scrapbook page ideas out there. Find the baby ultrasound scrapbook page ideas that best suit you and find out how to put them together.

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