Blessing For a Goal Setter

In the morning time
Of silent awakening
Come to the holy well
And cloak yourself in the
Beauty of the unseen

And in the evening time
Of list less ness
Surrender to your dreams
And listen to the
Majesty of your

All over Ireland there are holy wells. Near these wells there is usually a tree. On the branches of the tree are hung clooties. These are pieces of ribbon. This is a token given to the spirit of the well for the request of healing and wholeness for oneself or another. These wells are still reverenced all over this land of Ireland.

There is a holy well within each of us that we have forgotten to attend too and attend at. It really is the wellspring of our hearts delight and our joy. Without attaining at this wellspring of your whole Self you will forever feel apart from that with gives you your sense of working with a sense of beauty and creativity.

With a feeling sense of connectedness to this wellspring you know that you do not have to do so much. You learn to cloak yourself in the beauty of the unseen. Trusting in this now place place that is without limit you can forget about the results. You learn that with trust enough the right results will simply dance there way to you. You learn that with enough trust you will metaphorically speaking say to the mountain, "Move" and it will move without any effort on your part.

Personally speaking I find in the West an obsession with doing our life.

We make lists and we develop our techniques for saving time that when it comes we are too tired to enjoy (enter the joy of). Even when we save time we find we are encouraged to use this time to be more productive. We are told by some leaders in the field of personal development that we must have goals otherwise we will miss the life of opportunity presented to us.

This writer is one for setting goals. One would find it more difficult to finish a book or novel without a proper structure. However the writer has an issue with the idea that you must set goals. This is an idea of ​​the ego that keeps you hospitalized in time and space hoping to get somewhere called success before your time runs out.

What if you meet all your goals and at the end of your life you have forgotten what is really important? What if at the end of your life you have climbed to the top of the ladder of success only to find it was leaning against the wrong wall?

Goals are engaged with one of two dynamics.

These two dynamics are inspiration and motivation. Each engagement will be followed by a period of action and as a result what is desired will be manifested in form. There is another way of saying this and another way of living this sequence of creating. You can live your life's direction in the normal way that leads to a sort of existence where the grass is always thought to be greener rather than living life. Or you can live it with the experience of joy that is your birthright.

Most people live life backwards.

They live a life that I refer to as the dance of the do-do. This is a three step dance usually done at break neck speed. First they do. Then they get something from this doing. Then they enjoy what they have gotten. That is if they are left with sufficient presence of mind and are not exhausted from all their motivated activity. This is the way most people in the world are doing their life. It can be summarized as the do-have-be modality. This is a dynamic based on the core illusion of separateness that is a dynamic of fear and is the reason for most of the worlds suffering.

Self-development gurus tell you that you must have goals.

In the end the practice of goal setting from a do-have and be dynamic may well get you all you want but it will leave you naturally speaking bankrupt. At the end of your days you may have everything that you where told you ever wanted and have lost your connection to your real Self. You may have accumulated much in terms of material wealth but you are left little or no wiser for the real reason for your being here.

Certainly it is not to live a life from an imperative of goal setting. In the do-have-be method of goal setting there is no holy well to go to. There was in the beginning a wellspring of energy but under the do-have-be method of living of working this wellspring will indeed run dry. It runs dry because you are living life back to front.

The other method of goal setting turns your life around.

It is holistic and holy. Holy does not mean that it is a religious goal that you are following. The dynamic of living that will turn your life around so that you are more prosperous and do less is the be-do-have method. The second step, which is that of action, arises not out of motivation but out of inspiration (meaning in spirit, meaning from the breath).

There is the experience of a pushing to express creatively but it does not come from an act of will. It is more that life is doing you in celebration rather than you are doing something to make a living. It is the push of the new wishing to be born in and through you. It comes from wholeheartedness. In this dynamic you do not experience the resistance of procrastination. For the writer procrastination is a symptom of the absence of the heart being fully engaged in what it loves to do.

The holy well that you are being asked to attend to this new Irish Blessing is the holy well of your very being. This is why you are called a human being. Without your ability to enter and feel your connection to your being you will live a life of 'little me.' You will live a life of feeling separate from everyone else and from a sense of needing to accomplish. You will miss the ability to express from a sense of fullness that is uniquely you and is the reason you are here to give.

As it is said in the book Ask and it is Given by Ester and Jerry Hicks

Well-Being is the basis of All-That-Is. It flows to you and through you. You only have to allow it. Like the air you breathe you only have to open, relax and draw it into your Being.

Do not try to define this term Being.

It is a felt connection to the source that is the One Life. It is felt through the body. You can try and define it in words but that will not take you into Being. You can define the word joy in sounds and syllables but this will not take you into the experience of joy. The word joy may help to motivate you but the experience of joy that is the free flow of the dynamic dynamic of who you are will inspire you.

Go to the holy well of Being and cloak yourself in the beauty of the unseen. This will allow you to feel wholehearted. You will live your life in the present that is the only place you can ever live. You will be present in mind and body and not just in your head headed for some future that when it arrives is missed because you are to exhausted to engage and feel it.

Set goals by all means but then let go of how the results will arrive.

This allows for the beauty of the new. Creation never needs to do the same thing twice. Look at the beauty of a snowflake. How many billions are created out of the potential of the no thing that creates everything and never one the same. Live the surprise of the new. Open to the flow of your very Being and expect the miraculous.

In this way you can achieve just as much, if not more, but have a wonderful time being it as well as doing it. This is the dynamic of Love in action. When engaged in this way you love the action you are engaged with. No more procrastination. No more will power. No more half-heartedness. It is as if you the dancer of your life force suddenly wakes up to realize that you have, not one, but two legs. Not only this but the other leg you have forgotten about is the one that not only leads the dance but also does not have to be concerned about learning the dance at all.

This new Irish Bless invites you to trust the beauty that you are.

Do not go to bed as some personal development trainers advise you to do and prior to sleep your list of accomplishments. Go to bed and practice list less ness. If you must practice counting something then count your Blessings. This focuses you on abundance and prosperity. It does not focus you on lack.

Learn to turn of the chatter in your mind and enter the deep silence out of that everything that is created arises. Tune into this placeless place of unlimited potential and simply get out of the way. Simply listen to the majesty of your Being. Then all things will be well and you will have more time for the timeless beauty of your life.

Tony Cuckson 2009

Source by Tony Cuckson

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