Cattle on a Thousand Hills – RV Inspiration

In the RV inspiration, Cattle on a Thousand Hills, Sharon recalls how the Two Tired Teachers’ mother gave them their love of travel. Anytime we traveled through TX and saw cows, our mom would say, “The cattle on a thousand hills are mine, the earth and all it contains.”

God owns everything. God needs nothing, yet He provides everything we need. He owns the cattle on a thousand hills.

When we are in need, we look to the One who provides everything because He owns the cattle on a thousand hills.

As Christians, we know the Owner of the cattle on a thousand hills. He gives us all that we have.

The Two Tired Teachers promote Christian inspiration because we are believers. We keep Bibles in the RV, and we read them. During our travels we look for nature Bible verses. We start each trip with prayer. Doing these things keeps us grounded in our faith. It reminds us of who and whose we are.

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