Creative Ideas for a Family Talent Show


Can’t sing? Don’t worry, neither can a lot of folks. Put together a lip-sync act, complete with costumes and choreography. The more energetic the song, the better it will be received. If you need inspiration, look to movies and television shows to recreate famous scenes.

Some to try might include:

· “Sisters” from “White Christmas” – good for females or males

· Anything from “The Sound of Music”

· “Singing in the Rain”

· “I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Out of my Hair” or “Nothin’ Like a Dame” from “South Pacific”

· Boy or girl bands from any era

· Commercial jingles

Create a parody of a famous movie scene

When selecting a movie to parody, try to keep it with a movie that your family loves as well as one that is instantly familiar to the audience. You might select a movie that represents your family in some way. When doing the parody, you might want to do a “_____Movie in Five Minutes” style, where all of the movie catch phrases and famous parts are condensed into a rapid format. The shorter the scene that you select, the easier this will be.

Some ideas may include:

· Any of the six “Star Wars” movies

· Any of the eleven “Star Trek” movies or five television series

· “The Wizard of Oz”

· “The Princess Bride”

Reverse ventriloquist act

One of the funniest acts that I have ever seen is a reverse ventriloquist act with a young toddler or baby sitting on their older sibling’s or parent’s lap. The twist is that the young child is the ventriloquist and the older sibling or parent is the dummy. Voices for the “baby’s” part can be provided by another member of the family offstage.

The costuming for the act was simple, tan pants, white button down shirt and matching neckties. The younger the child that is playing the part of the dummy, the better. Having the twist on a reverse ventriloquist act opens up the act for a lot of creativity and fresh material.

Stage a synchronized swimming act

Using a long length of blue tarp and a simple PVC pipe frame at the front of the stage, you can stage “water.” Select some classical music and do your own version of a Busby Berkley or Esther Williams synchronized swimming act. If you have to sell your children on the idea, “The Great Muppet Caper” has a scene with Miss Piggy doing her best Esther Williams.

No matter what you decide, taking part in a family talent show can bring your family closer together, and create memories for years to come. Who knows – you might discover some hidden talents along the way as well!

Source by Rich Ahlgren

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