Do the Best Men Fall for Russian Women?

Western men have always found Russian women to be the source of their inspiration and the backbone to their careers, none more so than those who have made a lasting impact on the planet we live. Both Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali, who were both married to Russian women, felt that their lives were made complete by their foreign wives.

‘Olga in the Armchair’ is the portrait of Olga Khokhlova, a Russian ballet dancer and later Mrs Picasso. She met Pablo Picasso in France 1917. They were attracted to each other and got married in the hot summer of 1918. Mr. Picasso was a lucky man. Not only he got a wife, a friend and a source of inspiration, but also Olga’s important bourgeois connections that influenced Picasso’s work and his social life.

Another Russian female inspired one of the greatest artists of all times, Surrealist Salvador Dali. Gala (born Elena Diakonova) was ten years older. It’s said that the artist lost his virginity to her and that she saved him from complete madness. Not only did Gala inspire the most famous works of Salvador Dali, but she helped him achieve commercial success too. She was a muse for Dali and a model for lots of his works – ‘The Madonna of port Lligat, ‘The Angelus of Gala’ and ‘Memory of the Child Woman’ to name a few.

Ronnie Wood’s fling with Russian chick Ekaterina (Katia) Ivanova is over now after a couple of years. According to the rumours the waitress wrote something funny to Ronnie on Facebook, and old rocker was so charmed that he fell for her. With an age gap of nearly 40 years, it’s next to impossible to sustain the relationship – especially with the Ronnie Woods lifestyle, but the two seemed in love for quite a time and both enjoyed the ride with no regrets. Russian females also make the perfect Girlfriend!

Another big star who surrendered before the Russian charms is Mel Gibson. His love story with a Russian musician and beauty Oxana Grigoreva also got covered widely by the press. The famous actor divorced his wife for the sake of 39 year-old Russian pianist. Oxana recently gave birth to his daughter.

Mickey Rourke fell for the 24 year-old model Anastassija Makarenko. This Russian beauty has won the heart of the famous actor, he is in love head over heels and seems pretty serious about this relationship. Well, looks like there’s another Russian love story in the air.

Rudolf Schenker from Scorpions married Tatiana Sazonova, a Russian model from Novosibirsk. According to some sources, they met during the Scorpions tour in Russia. Tatiana has always been a big fan of Scorpions. A huge age gap has never been an obstacle and they do look very compatible as a couple: same interests, and both having the same fashion sense- cowboy style jeans, boots, and black leather jackets. Tatiana has followed her husband on his tours since they got married.

Lord Justin Portman has been a husband of the successful Russian supermodel Natalia Vodianova from Nizhny Novgorod for many years. Justin and Natalia have had 3 kids. She’s had a brilliant modelling career having worked on the catwalk for Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Valentino, Calvin Klein and other big fashion brands. There have been rumours lately about the possibility of a divorce in the family but there’s no official confirmation from any of them. Hopefully they will work it out.

Anna Kournikova is a celebrity herself however started dating Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias. She was starring in one of his music videos and they fell in love. The couple appear to have lived happy ever after, although seem to enjoy feeding the press false information about marriages, divorces and split ups!

Cristiano Ronaldo has been taken by the Russian model Irina Shayk (Shaykhlislamova) The fact upsets many envious female football fans and creates loads of on-line gossip. The star of the national Portuguese team has reportedly proposed to Irina after four months of dating. Irina is a supermodel herself with a worldwide reputation. She is the face the new collections of Guess and Intimissimi.

Source by Nadia Flynn

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