Every Life Change Begins With Your Words

Words create images in your mind, thoughts, feelings and emotions.

We start the process of manifestation with our words. Words are the physical manifestation of thoughts. The word you think or say say creates a picture in your mind. We express our thoughts, our will, our purposes, our emotions with words. We are communicators by nature, and how well we communicate our message depends entirely on the response we get from the Universe.

We use words every day of our lives. They come naturally to our mind and mouth and sometimes we do not pay attention to them, sowe are not aware of what we attract into our lives. If we just listen to what we are saying to ourselves and to others, we would be taking the first step to get back on track and create the lives we deserve. Some studies say that the words we speak to ourselves generate 100% of the result we will get in our lives.

Think about and analyze the words in your vocabulary, especially the ones you say to yourself. The words by themselves are not important, but the intention you give to them is the most important thing.

The real power of words lies in the MEANING that the words have for you. The words trigger concepts, ideas, memories, situations, circumstances, actions, thoughts and feelings from the programs saved in your subconscious mind, transforming them into emotional responses.

There are not bad or good words. There are positive or negative words, depending on the meaning you give to them. There are low-energy words and high-energy words. When you hear or say a word that makes you feel good or bad, it is because that word is part of a program that you have saved in your subconscious mind and it matches with the word you hear or say and causes the emotion. There are words that make you feel good and words that make you feel bad.

Ninety-five percent of the internal dialogue of a normal person is negative. If a person is having low-energy self-dialogues, what words do you think he / she will use in a regular conversation or to communicate with other people? Yes, he / she will express all of his / her frustrations through words. It is very easy to have an accurate idea about a person's life when we pay attention to his / her words. Have you paid attention to the words you use to communicate with yourself and other people? Do they match? Are they low- or high-energy?

If you are not happy or are not getting what you want in your life, it would be great to start with changing your words. You will see improvement quickly in all the aspects of your life. Here are some things you can do:

Use five to 10 minutes of your time, TODAY! On a piece of paper, write a list. On the left side, write all the low-energy words / sentences you use every day. On the right side, write all the high-energy words / sentences that can replace the low-energy ones. Something like this:

Low-energy words / High-energy words

Problem / Solution

It is difficult / It takes some effort

I feel bad / I feel a little unbalanced

I can not do it! / I'll do my best!

Do not worry! / Everything is fine!

It's impossible! / It will take more time!

Write the high-energy words / sentences more than twenty times to memorize them, and use them every time you "need" to use the low-energy words. You can practice one or two new words / sentences every day. When you see or hear other conversations (radio, television, Internet) catch the low-energy words and replace them in your mind. Remember that low-energy words are the ones that go against your desires or make you feel bad (not good). If you say bad or negative words to another person when you are mad -maybe you think they make you feel good at that moment-do you think that these words will help you grow or be a better person?

Include more high-energy words in your vocabulary. Words such as believe, love, powerful, happy, great, thanks, hello, good morning, smile, feel good, how can I help you ?, nice, wonderful, pretty, awesome, appreciation, lovely and any words that make you feel Good. Practice using two to three high-energy words and phrases every day.

I've been playing a game with my daughter for the last few months. I call this game "ShiftYrWords" and it is about shifting low-energy words to high-energy words. We have a lot of fun while we are improving our lives. We made an agreement, if she says a low-energy word or sentence, I pinch her and vice versa. We congratulate and pamper ourselves when we do not use any low-energy words the whole day. It started as a game and soon, it became a part of our lives. You can play it with your family – especially with your kids, they make it very fun- or any other people around you. This game helps you to be aware of your words and improve your life in a very fun way.

Words are a very important part in our lives. Words are easier than thoughts to manipulate, and words create different kinds of thoughts, feelings and emotions. Emotions are the true connection with the Universe and the ones which decide what you have in your life. Why are you waiting to change your words?

Source by Patricia Anaya

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