Foods to Avoid With Gout – What Not to Eat

Natural treatments are steadily gaining popularity for good reason. People want to find a healthier way to treat their ailments, including gout. One of the best ways to control the pain of gout is through your diet. Although you’ll want to focus on adding certain foods to your weekly menu plans, there are many foods to avoid with gout as well. Limiting your consumption of these foods can really help you control the pain you experience.

There are a variety of vegetables that are included on the list of foods to avoid with gout. In particular if you suffer with gout you want to forgo having peas, spinach, asparagus and beans. You may recognize that after eating these in the past your gout pain seemed to worsen. Mushrooms need to be removed from your menu plans as well. It’s even worth asking when eating out if any sauces contain mushrooms as that small amount can cause your gout to flare as well.

Seafood is certainly delicious and nutritious but it isn’t always beneficial. This is true for people who suffer with this painful ailment. Scallops, mussels and shrimps are a few of the foods to avoid with gout. Mackerel and sardines make the list of bad foods too, so try and stay clear of them when preparing meals.

Gravy is a staple, especially at the holidays, but you’re going to want to sacrifice eating it. Gravy isn’t going to help your gout at all and can actually cause a flare up. If you find your willpower wearing thin when you are eating mashed potatoes or french fries just remember how painful your gout can be. Use this as inspiration to pass on the gravy.

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