Four Reasons Why Absolute World Peace Is Impossible With Humans

For the past thousands of years there has always been talk of world peace and how all humans can one day live in peace. World peace is possible but not one which is orchestrated by humans. There are many reasons why but in this article we will look at the four fundamental reasons which no matter what humans do, they can never change them, hence absolute world peace is impossible.

The first reason is that humans die. The very fact that death exists means that as long as it is there, there will never be world peace. Each person that is born is born unique with individual ideas, as time goes depending on their level of acceptance they can then learn to live with all people or to antagonize with everyone. If eternity existed, eventually everyone would out of experience realize that peace is the wisest thing to have so world peace would finally be possible. Now as it is, each time a new generation comes it has to learn out of experience before it can accept certain philosophies of life. Some people take five years to learn, some take a life time and some only realize it on their death beds. With each new born baby there is always that possibility that another Hitler can be born and with each new death there is a level of knowledge and experience which dies. People will learn overtime and gain experience on how to be good eventually but because they die they also go with their understanding and wisdom; consequently they die with their peace also.

The second reason is that humans are the active cause of word instability. Whether there is an invisible force, the devil, demons, aliens or whatever it is you may believe in, the truth is that at the end of the day humans are the ones who implement the inspiration of evil into reality. Einstein said that a problem started at one level cannot be solved at the same level, with reference to humans because they are the ones that implement the problems they thus cannot solve the problems from that level. As long as people try to solve problems from a human point of view they will never achieve absolute solutions. Problems start because people see from one angle but solutions can only be found by people who see from all absolute angles. As humans we can only solve our problems if we start looking at them from a different level, like a heavenly level.

The third and most important reason is that humans have no idea who they are. If we understood our own nature, there would be no wars or instability in the world. Instead of understanding that we are fearful and wonderfully made, we see ourselves at the same level as jungle animals where the rules shift over time and the strongest is the one who will survive. Instead of recognizing that we are the image of God who is absolute we see ourselves as biological beings hence we are only three dimensional in our views.

The fourth reason is really the most obvious but is ignored, instability is not something that you touch hence cannot be solved by physical means. In other words, evil cannot be killed off, evil is an abstract idea, it is inspiration, it is thought, it is feeling, it is an existence which at the physical level we have no idea of. When we are trying to create world peace in our fooled minds all we are saying is that we want a physical peace. There can be physical peace but there can be a war going on in our minds. As long as we do not recognize that problems begin in the imagination we will always flood the world with problems. Different forms of floods will always occur on earth because of our actions. What we see on earth is not evil but the reflection of people’s imaginations.

As a person you can pray for world peace but as long as these four things remain there will be no absolute world peace. All you can do as a person is pray to make a difference in the world. Despite these four reasons mentioned in this article there is a solution.

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