History of Areosmith

Aerosmith began to take shape when Steven Tyler formed "The Strangers" in 1964, in Sunapee, a small town in New Hampshire, where he played the drums. Shortly thereafter, the group's name was changed to "Chain Reaction". They played themes composed by Steven and did versions of items from The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Between 1967 and 1969 recorded a pair of singles and do small jobs for other groups like the Yardbirds and the Beach Boys.

Finally, in 1970, Joe Perry and Tom Hamilton joined the band, who were part of the group "Jam Band" in interpreting themes of blues. Thus emerging the band with a new name: Aerosmith. The group completed the Brad Whitford, on guitar and Joey Kramer on drums. The style was a mixture of rock and blues with his image of ill children.

Playing at known clubs in Boston in 1973 they presented a first record titled simply Aerosmith (1973), a good album produced by Adrian Barber containing items like "Dream on," "Mama Kin", "One Way Street" and "Walkin 'The Dog. " His interpretations cave curtain to live bands like the Kinks or Mott putting their name among fans of good rock.

In 1974 they published their second large disk, Get Your Wings, which included songs like "Train Kept a Rollin '," "Lord of the Thighs," "Same Old Song and Dance" or "Seasons Of Wither". This work, which was a commercial breakthrough regarding his first delivery, was first with the work of producer Jack Douglas and sound engineer Jay Messina. His arrival at musical stardom would be determined by the publication of Toys In The Attic (1975), an extraordinary album, considered one of the best albums in the history of rock music, becoming hard diamond; marked by its success "Walk this Way" and other topics as "Sweet Emotion", "Toys in the Attic" or "Uncle Salty." This rise in his stellar status led to the reprinting of his first single, the ballad "Dream On ", which successfully entered the top selling singles of the era. Jumped on the bandwagon of fame and in a moment of great inspiration, presented another masterful album, Rocks (1976), again under the production of Jack Douglas. Pieces like "Back in the Saddle", "Last Child", "Combination" or "Sick as a Dog" are integral elements of a fundamental record.

Discs later failed to satisfy the expectations of fans, mainly due to addiction to drugs and alcohol, and by disputes by Steven Tyler and Joe Perry (the other members of the band consumed, but to a lesser extent). It was because of this work beyond that they were not so committed, and became at the root of trouble between the two leaders of the group.

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