How to Achieve New Years Resolutions – The Pro’s and Cons of Goal Setting and Vision Boards

Do you have a Vision Board a visual representation of your goals and dreams?

A Vision Board can be a collage of pictures and words arranged in a specific way, that you cut and paste onto a board. Traditionally a Vision Board sits on a wall at the office or in your home. You can also have an electronic version of a Vision Board, with images that represent your goals and dreams and you assemble it by clicking and dragging or photoshopping these images onto a blank canvas and then it print out into a hard copy or turn into a screen saver.

This is the time of year people re assess their lives and decide on some New Years resolutions but 95% of these resolutions are completely forgotten or broken by “Blue Monday”, the third Monday in January every year!

These resolutions are set with the intention that “things will be better” next year. Although writing down a goal and hoping it will come true, is something that many people do, only 3-10% of the population ever achieve their dreams.

Although it is a great start, there is more to goal achievement than just writing down what you want and then hoping it will come true. Life tends to get in the way, old habits return and many people’s dreams are left hanging till the next year when they set the same resolution as last year. This is a sure way to never getting your goal.

If you want to achieve the New Years Resolutions and Goals that you are intending, creating a Vision Board a visual representation of your dreams and goals in addition to writing them and following the 5 steps to real success will bring you a sure fire way to achieve your dreams and many reasons to celebrate this time next year.

Here are 5 easy to follow steps to achieve your dreams, create an action plan and avoid the pain of disappointment.

1. Choose which goals you will fully commit to. Many people set the same goals year after year with out really ever attaining them. They say in a moment of inspiration, “I’ll give up smoking”, I’ll drop 10 pounds”, I’ll be more social”, “I’ll find a new job”, “I’ll date more and find my soul mate” I’ll… (fill in the blank). Mostly these good intentions find their way to the “too hard” basket and end up being regrets or forgotten dreams that sound like “oh well… some day, maybe one day, if only…”

When this happens year after year it gives the  subconscious mind a very powerful message that you are not really wanting the goal you are setting and what is even worse the subconscious in now programmed to know that the goal is not intended to be achieved and it will put up all sorts of blocks and resistance to success just to prove you right! It will keep the “status quo” the pattern that it is used to.

2. Release any hurts, disappointments, resentments, anger, fears and frustrations from this year. In order to move forward.  Simply by forgiving yourself and others for the goals that were not achieved will give you a lot more energy to move forward. Having old regrets and resentments is like lugging around heavy suitcases full of rocks. Releasing these will give you new inspiration, ideas and internal power.

3. Decide which goals you will de-commit from or let go of. You know those goals that you set, year after year and never achieve. It may be time to drop them altogether. Clarity leads to power. When you clear the decks and realistically give yourself some goals that you really want and are prepared to work towards, you will be re inspired and find renewed strength to achieve your dream. The goals you drop, you can always re visit at a later time, if you still have a passion to achieve them.

4. Complete, celebrate and acknowledge all this, last years and prior success to add momentum to the new year and activate your self confidence and courage. We don’t celebrate enough. Even the small achievements are worth acknowledging, this tells the subconscious mind that you do achieve what you intend and you are ready for the next goal.

5. Create your new “blueprint” by writing your goals down and making a Vision Board, a powerful tool to get absolute clarity on what you want and to guide you in creating a real action plan to achieve your dreams in 2011. When you know what you want, find all the pictures that represent what your life will look like when the goal is achieved. You Vision Board is a representation of the end result and shows your subconscious mind exactly what your new better reality will look like. Your Vision Board is your personal blueprint and road map to success.

Enjoy your New Years resolutions this year, follow these 5 steps and watch what happens.

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