How to Become a Better Cook in Five Easy Steps

Whether you're cooking for a family, friends or just yourself, there is a universal desire to be better skilled in the kitchen.

If you're just starting out or have needed help for many years, these five steps should put you on the path to improved cooking and tastier food.

1) MAKE MORE TIME -Most people get in from work and put off proper cooking because of how late they would eating. Equally, many parents have other priorities than agonising over the perfect meal. What happens is that most people either do not bother and open a tin of beans, or they get themselves in a mess – figuratively and literally – because they're up against a clock. Why not save your training for the weekend and practice without the pressure of a deadline?

2) COOK FOR YOURSELF FIRST -It can be daunting trying out your experimental cooking on loved ones. Partly because there's a pressure to do well and partly because you do not want them to be ill because of the food. Why it's important you do not get ill either, you'll feel more confident cooking for others if you've made the dish for yourself first.

3) USE QUALITY COOKWEAR -If you're lacking inspiration in the kitchen, maybe it's because the equipment you have to use is not up to scratch. Equally, old cookwear has a tendency not do work how you need or want it to. Invest in a quality cookwear set from a reputable brand, like Anolon, Circulon or Meyer.

4) GET SOME INSPIRATION -Another great way to gain more enthusiasm for your cooking is to read cookery books, watch TV shows and search for recipes online. And if that does not work, why not treat yourself to a meal in a restaurant. Study the menu and maybe try and recreate their dishes in a more homely fashion. Love food and let that inspire your cooking.

5) GET ADVICE FROM YOUR MUM -Unless your mum is a horrible cook, ask her for tips. Maybe your gravy is not working out or you're struggling with getting your vegetables just right. Wherever your deficiencies lie and your mum's expertise marries up, absorb her knowledge. Do not stop there, either. Ask friends, grandparents, Dads, sisters, brothers – everyone!

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