How to Use Colors to Empower Your Day

When you where colors you speak to your power. Each color has the potential to bring something different to your day. It may become a pleasure to dress in the morning as you choose what you will say to yourself and other by your choice of colors.

The colors of the rainbow we know to be ROYGBIV: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo violet. The colors are tied to our power centers. Red is the color of the first power center, it is dense and full color. Red can tie us to our roots and ground us to our day. It can be used as a helpful reminder to stick our ground. It also is full of fun and passion it can help us feel connected to others.

Orange is the color of our second power center located in the naval area. Orange can help us when we need to create something. It can inspire us to create what we want and have the power to present it. Yellow is the color of the sun and full of fun. It is a color of the third power center located in our solar plexus. It can help you to manifest your power, to have the strength to choose to use our power. Weaving yellow can help you take that idea you had floating around in your head and take the actions necessary to make it a reality.

Green is the color of nature, it is bountiful and nurturing. Green is the color of the fourth power center located near our heart. Where green can help you to love and appreciate yourself in every step of your day. It can also assist you in forgiving the certain someone or working with that other who usually gets under your skin.

Blue is the color of the fifth power center located in our throat. Weaving blue can help you express yourself clearly. Put on the blue the day of your big presentation and feel confident that you will be persuasive and speak to the best of your ability. Weaving blue can also help you feel connect to that inner gumption to be yourself fully. Blue assays keeping you connected to your best self.

Indigo is the color of our sixth power center located in our brow. When you want to feel inner inspiration, wearing indigo will be a good place to start. If you are unsure of a certain issue and need to make a decision it might be a good day to don some indigo. Violet is the color of the seventh power center located in the crown of our heads. Put on some purple when you want to feel connected to a higher vibration. If you want to be infused with a sense of wellness and being cared for. When you need that extra boost or are just feeling down, it might be a good day for wearing violet.

Help yourself help yourself to a good dose of color. It will add that little bit of pep to your day that might be otherwise lacking. In addition by you where color you might help another receive some good vibes for there neglected power center crying out for a little expression. can help you on your journey, come in and explore.

Source by Michele Howe

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