How To Use The Law of Attraction In 7 Easy Steps

A simple way to put the Law of Attraction into use is by placing your order with the Universe. The Law of Attraction is also Cause and Effect. What you think you will get and what you energize with your thoughts and feelings will manifest into your life. The Universe gives back to you what you feel strongly about. You may be thinking a positive thought but if your feeling is negative, the feeling will win. Usually our negative thinking and feeling is stronger because we have exercised that thought form for a long time.

To neutralize this pattern while working to shift your negative thoughts to positive ones, try looking at the Universe as your loving servant. Whatever you tell it to do, it will do for you. The Universe is at your service seeking to give you what you have asked for. Innocently, the Universe will work to please you. It knows no difference between what we really want vs. What we have asked for. Therefore, aligning your beliefs with your thoughts is the key to getting exactly what you want.

Step 1: Ask yourself what it is that you do not want. Be clear and specific.

Step 2: Now ask yourself what it is that you DO want? What would you rather have instead? Again, be clear and specific and make sure not to settle. I often here from clients "I guess that will do" when they are beginning the process of realizing what they really want. Let yourself go and dream big. It's better to think big and take away from it than think small and be left with nothing. Give yourself room to work with.

Step 3: Turn what you do want into a list. Number it in order of importance and meaning to you.

Step 4: Ask yourself if you think you deserve what is on that list. If you think, feel and believe that you deserve it 100% then your feelings, beliefs and desires are in alignment with your core desires. If your beliefs and feelings of desire do not match, then you are sending mixed signals to the Universe.

Step 5: Take your list and title it "MY ORDER TO THE UNIVERSE". Make your final list based on your feelings, thoughts and true core desires. I suggest to my clients to write in a journal the exact same list every day to energize what they want and to keep focus.

Step 6: Sit back and wait for an idea, an inspiration or a gut feeling to occur. This is your part in creating what you want. Take inspired action based on the Divine clues you are being given to manifest what you want.

Step 7: Write down every time you create something in this way. As things begin to show up for you, write them down and solidify it for yourself. This makes it real and allows you to see how much you can actually do.

Asking for what we want can be challenging since most of us learned that we can not have everything we really want. It is important to clear and release on a cellular level your personal as well as generational beliefs and patterns that no longer serve your highest good. Once you do this, you can create your desires based on your new perceptions and belief systems that are true for you.

Source by Marilyn Rodriguez

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