In the Creative Flow of Love – Release Your Inspiration and Captivate Your Neighbor or Nation

***Creative passages, paintings, poetry or anything comes easily to everyone. Your individual inspiration flows to you from your own innate way of processing beauty or seeking serenity! Be apprised and know that YOU alone are an inspirational source by your live-long experience. Release words that offer guidance or assistance when you speak or write. Have a defined purpose for what you share and create..

There are a myriad of unconventional ways that we, as humanity, seek comfort and guidance. Creating or being the original owner of what you write or do is your birthright, soul/sole right and by Divine Right. I ask you to create something new for yourself, on a daily basis.

Being able to design and align with thoughts and imagination is not a craft, it’s a natural way of tuning into your heart’s way of releasing loving and creativity to yourself. It’s up to you if you decide to share, or not to share your artistic talented-based creations with others. Be content that you ALONE are able to design a song, story line or book for yourself first, and YOU don’t need the assistance of anyone else to write or design like only you can do for yourself. If all the books, in the world were burned, you and me could write our own books, passages and stories forever, who would know the difference? Enjoy writing or painting, writing serves a purpose, it alleviates the need to worry, or helps you to fend-off boredom.

For some people it is in a form of communication or networking contact or forum that they seek to alleviate boredom. Other people seek actual conversations and live in-the- flesh opportunities to network. Networking has also been shown to be a great way to be engaged in a human exchange to bring happiness, aiding psychological health and offer great amusing and natural ways of conversing. Conversations with in-person participants allows the genuine release of more creativity than texting or typing.

People sitting together and talking inspires creativity, they get really engaged like a tasty, chocolate candy treat that is best savored with smiles, grins, or powerful and empowering voice modulation. A great conversationalist will utilize their voice inflection and sometimes speak with exaggerated hyperbole! While yet other people, who are fighting physical battles, in the form of obstacles, want to minimize or deflect physical pain, or sometimes, just to feel less alone. They may wish to speak softly in person, or on the telephone,with a few people, and only for a few moments at a time.

Give others the chance to know you by your words or share your way of processing songs, rhymes or poems. Let your life passages or informative antidotes, tales of adventure unfold into articles for easy reading.

Let your written words or natural designs offer timely information, or a least find a way to entertain yourself by writing purposeful or useful knowledge. Purposeful creativity can be savored and enjoyed for many generations after you and me are no longer alive. Share your words or poetic inspirations with others that wish to feel comfort and find peace in the same way that your poetry or words do for me and you.

Advise or engage your readers or audience by the work of your own sweat. The sweat of your own brow is how you accomplish artistic feats to higher degrees to feel happy and competent. When you release your passages openly on the world wide arena your words may be able to reach others seeking inspiration or gain more wisdom. Be comfortable with what you create, and as long as you are being honest and direct, others will want to read what you dare to write and share openly. If you are not trying to commercialize what already resides inside of your creative way of speaking, then you are on the right path and your success is peaking higher and higher by the day.

Imagine if others were able to readily appreciate your way of viewing the world? You already know that having an open forum is sharing your words with the world. What would you do first? Would you write informative articles that keep your readers in suspense until you wrote again? Or, would you lighten the tone, getting your readers or others off their phone long enough to really read and think more about who, what, where, when and why they communicate? Everyone in someway is seeking human exchanges of socialization.

Communication with others and helpful or entertaining verbiage, or thought exchanges with another is by far more valuable and productive than just for shock value or entertainment?

Creativity was introduced by the Divine Creator. You and me were created equally.

Individual and innate talent, skill and ability is available to anyone who seeks to know himself more intimately.

Living and functioning in the creative flow of love releases your intuitive ability to tap into the way your mind delivers innovative ways for speaking and sharing your self-expression with others. Following and flowing in the creative zone is your own way of showing the Divine Creator your appreciation for yourself. Loving yourself or your life is not as easy at is seems. Know and own your ability to be creative. Being in the creative flow of love works well for anything that you set your mind to accomplish or create by yourself from scratch, no recipe needed!

*** I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously!~

Source by Lorie Ann Jermoune

Fahad Hameed

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