Individuality – What Makes Us Different From Each Other

People are very different from each other. Individuality is what makes us different from each other. We think differently and we act differently on the same situation given we have our own experiences in the past. But, it is in one attitude that helps us go through life as a winner and that is the winning attitude. The never-say-die attitude will help us excel.

When you wake up in the morning, smell the fresh air and smile upon yourself even if the clouds outside are gathering for a rainstorm. There still a rainbow at the end of it and it is worth smiling upon.

When things go awry it is normal for people to feel sad and upset about it. No one likes to fail or disappoint others. But come to think of it, digest what really happened and scoop out the lesson from that experience and learn from it.

Tap into your faith and practice a prayerful life. Prayers are very powerful especially at times when hope is bleak and everything seems upside down.

Every moment is worth laughing at. When you think that you have lost all hope on your life, there is still one thing to do and that is to laugh. Think of how funny to have yourself land in that position when a while ago you weren’t. It only goes to show that you are self-aware and that you are comfortable about yourself.

Become an inspiration to others. Be the person everyone seeks when it is time for some inspiration. Share your life stories of overcoming obstacles and let others be inspired by that story.

Sometimes we forget to be thankful for the lessons we learned and for the challenges we faced that made us stronger. In fact, it is in these trials that made us human and we forget to be thankful that it happened no matter how painful it is.

Admit that you are not a perfect person and you are flawed just like everyone else. We all have weaknesses and strengths but you choose to play by your strength and gain on your weaknesses.

Source by Megan Lambert

Fahad Hameed

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