Leadership Characteristics – 5 Benefits of Being an Enthusiastic Leader

Being a leader can be challenging and at the same time hugely rewarding. When you are in a leadership role, people will look to you to provide inspiration, motivation, direction, drive to name just a few.

Those that succeed as leaders are enthusiastic and upbeat. They know that they might not have everyone on board with all of their ideas, that they might not have all of the skills or the knowledge they need. They are however highly positive and know that there is a solution to obstacles that arise. The challenge for the enthusiastic leader is to find the solution to the obstacles that they encounter.

There are a number of real benefits of being an enthusiastic leader. These include:

Benefit 1: Others follow

Imagine that you had two leaders. The first leader is someone who is upbeat, positive and focussed on achieving. The second leader is someone who spends most of their time focussing on the problems and circumstances. Which leader would you want to follow most?

Benefit 2: People deliver more

Think about the people that you have worked with. Chances are there were people that really inspired you. Their desire to deliver great results motivated you to deliver more than you thought was possible. You go that extra step to deliver.

Benefit 3: You become a role model

People are drawn to people who are high performers and authentic. In many ways you become a role model. They are someone who others aspire to be like and achieve results that you achieve. You show them by the way you behave and your attitude how to get results.

Benefit 4: You build a reputation

If you are a leader who is enthusiastic, finds ways of overcoming obstacles and deliver results, you will build a reputation as someone who delivers. When you get a reputation for being someone who delivers, you will get opportunities to take on new challenges and opportunities.

Benefit 5: You achieve personal success

If you are starting to be viewed as someone who is enthusiastic and has a reputation for getting results, personal success and rewards will follow. Each personal success will encourage and motivate you even more and in many ways create a ripple effect.

Bottom Line – Being an enthusiastic leader has many benefits. What benefits are you missing out on?

Source by Duncan Brodie

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