Leadership Skills – Top Tips to Maintain Influence and Inspiration

Effective leadership like any well built structure takes time, effort, and vision to build and requires a strong foundation to stand upon to weather the storms that may be encountered along the way to success.

The leader is the visionary and he needs his followers to assist in reaching the goal he has set. If the followers fail to pursue the goal then disaster is imminent. The leader must continue to maintain and grow in his influence while continuing to inspire the people. It is a balancing act that must be carefully tendered.

Some pitfalls to be aware of are as follows:

  • Appearance must be maintained – realize that if any indecisiveness or weakness is shown the sharks will certainly circle.
  • Forcing obedience – This approach will lead to dissension. Results in minimal performance.
  • The one thing that will destroy leadership is rapidly a deterioration of trust. Trust is the foundation. A lack of trust leads to speculation. If those whom you count on to accomplish goals lose trust in you and your vision you will not succeed.
  • Poor communication – Excellent communicators gain respect. People need to understand your expectations of them. If you fail to communicate you will most likely fail to reach the desired results.
  • A cloud covered vision – The "big picture" must be clear to gain motivation. People want to know where they are headed. Share the vision and goals so everyone understands the big picture. Lack of execution – leads to not reaching the desired results.
  • Poor people skills – listen, communicate, show respect, show sincerity.
  • Loss of respect – respect is a two way street. With respect comes integrity.
  • Too close a familiarity with the group. The leader needs to maintain an appropriate professional distance.
  • Abuse of power – Power is not influence – Power can be forceful / coercing / intimidating. The problem with power is it can be easily abused.
  • Trying to manage people. Things can be managed but people should be led.
  • Fail to form and care for a relationship – Leadership is all about relationships and influence.
  • You must develop a relationship to be an influential leader.

Bottom line, failure to communicate your vision has a devastating result on motivation in a big way.

Source by Matt Hick

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